Natas Loves You

Natas Loves You


With their luminous harmonies , colorfoul songwriting , and catchy choruses , The young Natas loves you make you travel in a place that is still comfortable .
They combine pounding beats with keyboard ambiances and rich vocals .
It's dance music that you can listen to .


We are the shadow of the rainbow architecture
dancing sprites beneath the rays of light
our voices racing across that great divide
between the earthbound and the final rapture

We are the faint echo of tears and smiles
the ticking of the clock so endlessly loud
heartbeat of the trees, strangled shout
rising through underground aisles

We haunt misty forests and pale cities alike
creep out from under stones and manholes
the restless multicoloured army of lost souls
forever sleepless and alive

We are spring and autumn intertwined
we are all the things we left behind
we are the cracks in between the light and the dark


From Natas with love Ep ( available on Itune , spotify ... ) 2008

Paintings Ep ( available on ) 2011