Natch'l is a band with a vision. We believe that music is the voice of the human spirit. Embracing soul, rock, folk and blues, Natch'l seeks to spread a message of love for all humanity. Our original and innovative songs speak to our philosophy of "living Natch'l" or living simply and in solidarity


The song "No Land", the title track of our latest EP, came into a new light as the band Natch'l emerged from an amazing and meaningful summer. After opening for Ben Kweller, and the Roots in Chicago, the band travelled to Perry County, Kentucky for a week of intense community service with the Appalachia Service Project. Living in extreme poverty, many residents of Perry county can not afford to pay for high housing repair costs. Natch'l, working with an amazing crew from Virginia, installed the plumbing that would bring water to a house that had been devout of running for over three years. It was a beautiful moment when we turned the water on and saw the smile of the homeowner. It is sometimes hard to believe that people are struggling day to day in this land, the richest country in the world. It is ever harder, upon witnessing how others fight to get by, to have pride in one's own homeland. Similarly, we can only imagine how hard it must be for those amazing people in Perry County, who live in a place that keeps them in extreme poverty. Thus, we felt as though there was No Land we could claim as our own.


Moonlight Blues EP-January, 2006-EV Productions Inc.
Bridge To My Soul-May, 2006-Big Music Inc.
No Land-May, 2007 Big Music Inc.- tracks currently available on

Set List

Two sets of twelve to fifteen songs lasting anywhere from two to three hours.
Sample Set:
No Land-original
Bullet and A Target-Citizen Cope
Up From the Dirt-Original
Trouble-Ray LaMontagne
The Perfect One-Orignial
Building Bridges-Original
Tracks of My Tears-Smokey Robinson
Still I Walk-Original
Help Me- Gavin DeGraw
Steal My Kisses-Ben Harper