Nat Col and The Kings

Nat Col and The Kings

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Blue Roots and Rock N Roll.


Nat Col and the Kings is the combination of master guitar player Nathan Cavaleri and former Screaming Jets Drummer Col Hatchman. After spending months in recording studios and rehearsal space they are ready to hit the road, kicking things off in Newcastle and moving onto shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

Separately these guys both have impressive resumes. Col Hatchman has well and truly cemented his reputation after years with The Screaming Jets and still holds the Guinness Record as the World’s Loudest Drummer. Nathan Cavaleri has shared the stage with a list of artist that looks like a who’s who of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame including BB King, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Deep Purple, Jimmy Barnes and Diesel.

Having just returned from playing at the World Cup in South Africa and tour dates in Europe including the main stage at Hellfest as the guest guitarist for Electric Mary, Cavaleri has thrown himself straight back into work with Hatchman putting the finishing touches on their live show and the 4 track Debut EP to be released in September 2010.

Their sound merges Nathan’s credible blues roots with the worldly variety of styles absorbed over the years, whilst Col injects the fiery rock’n’roll that is part of his energetic all or nothing style. Most people will be accustomed to seeing Cavaleri with a guitar in his hand but this project will also see him at the microphone providing sensational lead vocals. With a solid collection of muso’s behind them, the guys can’t wait to get back on stage!

Nat Col and the Kings is a slight departure from what Hatchman and Cavaleri have released separately in the past but both describe it as the most connected they have ever felt to their music. When asked about his new project Nathan says “We've spent the last year developing under the radar. We invite our friends to play with us when we want to jam. It's a great way for our guests to vent creatively but also a great way for us to keep true to ourselves. The cool thing about being in a band with that type of motivation is that it can only evolve. It's never ending. As long as you live life and stay in touch with yourself, there will always be something to write and play about. We’re having a ball.”