Nate Baloy

Nate Baloy

 Hampton, Virginia, USA

Nate is a singer/songwriter whose music can transition from sentimental nostalgia to bend you over a barrel at the drop of a G chord. His crowd interaction leaves people feeling like they just reconnected with an old friend, or at least a one night stand from college...


Nate started playing guitar around age 12, and quickly realized that 2-3 chords will get you farther with girls than you might imagine. Armed with the ability to talk his way into just about anything, Nate has played all over the world, including gigs in South Korea and Saudi Arabia, not to mention California, Virginia, and several points in between. Somewhere along the line, he also managed to appear in "Best of the Best III", call Tupak "partnah!" in a strip joint, jump out of an airplane, get a really bad tattoo, see three incarnations of Van Halen, climb a mountain, get shot at, and grow a sweet beard. Through his travels, Nate has been lucky enough to share the stage with many notables, incuding Soul Asylum, Steve Poltz, and Adam Marsland. Nate is best known for his live shows, which have been described as "a Pabst Blue Ribbon fueled combination of Willie and Poison, sure to have you feeling a little bit better for coming, at least until tomorrow..." !


How I Roll

Written By: Nate Baloy

Little Boy, with a flag in his hand
Standing on the corner with Mom and Dad
Watching the crowd go by on the 4th of July
He heard the engines roll, from way in the back, rolling along on 2 big tracks,
and he yelled to the driver, why aren't you in the front with the rest of the guys? And he said...

That's how I roll
it's how I ride,
it's how I live and how I die.
It's the price I pay cause I know it don't come free.
It's what I am, it's what I do, it's in me, it's in you.
It's my heart and it's my soul.
It's how I roll.

2nd verse
Young man, with a gun in his hand
boots on the ground in foreign sand. He's easy to find, he's the one at the front of the line.
Not scared, and if he is it don't show, cause he sets the pace
for others to follow,
the soles of his boots are where the rubber meets the road,


3rd verse
Old man, wheelchair, POW/MIA hat and long gray hair, watching the crowd go by on the 4th of July.
Little boy, with a flag in his hand, climbs on his lap and says 'Hey Granddad, are you ever sorry you ended up in this chair?"
And the old man said...That's how I roll...chorus


"Stellar"-the demo's
"Like a dog with no legs", released fall 2008
"High Bru-Beer Wines" re-release 2010

Set List

Originals: It don't get much better than this, Evel Kneivel's Helmet, Rearview Mirror, Little White Lies, I don't want to say goodbye, The Ex-girlfriend song.
Covers include songs by Poison, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Steve Poltz, Soul Asylum, Tom Petty, Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, TLC, and whatever else the crowd yells out...