Nate Barlow

Nate Barlow


I write and record rock music. I drive alot, so I write music that I think will sound good in my car stereo. I go for soulful lyrics, good rock melodies, and the occasional twin lead guitar harmonies.


I'm a 25 yr. old engineering grad student in northern NY. I love discovering forgotten rock/early metal bands from the late 60s and 70s. In my songs, I try to emulate the music of that era while adding my own style. Its all for fun, so my 8-track recordings are best quality I really care to achieve. I'm not in it to make money so I'm sure not going to spend too much money to be heard, although I do like to share my music.


I've recorded CD's with my music for friends. Some songs have been played on my college radio station.
My most recent recording collection is 10 songs that I'm calling "Rockish Rollish"

Set List

I've played shows with bands I've been in that lasted 20-70 minutes. When I play solo I usually just play a few songs.