Nate Bergen

Nate Bergen


An acoustic blend of folk, rock and a hint of jazz.


My music is very personal and greatly reflects my pain, struggles, and beliefs. My sound has evolved over the last ten years and currently has a very sombre undertone.


Sit In Silence

Written By: Nate Bergen

Sit in silence
Keep your arguments to yourself
Don't yell in anger
Put your thoughts up on the shelf
What you're feeling
I don't care to know
All your emotions
You must learn to control

As it is consequently
A slave to liberty
Can you ever be complete
Having faith and hope fully?

Stand in wonder
Surrendering your will
Follow after Him
Don't wander or stand still
Every photograph
Of your identity
Has faded away
Leaving you empty

As it is presently
You believe in what you see
Will you never just believe
Having faith and hope fully

Lie in poverty
Fate pins you to the ground
When offered sustenance
You refuse 'cause you're too proud
Distant memories
Of dreams once reachable
Haunt your disposition
And render you a fool

As it is evidently
Unaware that things can change
If you always stay the same
Who do you intend to be?


"Sit In Silence"