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"Deezy raps for Jesus at Friday Night Jam"

"The lights were low, the music was loud and the students were excited for the first Friday Night Jam this past weekend, featuring student rapper Nate Deezy and opener Dane Mallernee...."

"The main attraction for the night was Deezy – stage name of sophomore music production major Nate Slaughter – who said that his goals for the night were to impact people and get them excited about God.
“I’m just an average musician. I don’t have the gift of speaking, I’m just an excitable guy and my job is to stir up people through music for God. I’m here to take off my mask,” said Deezy."
Following the more laid-back, acoustic show came a much different performance by Deezy, who ran on stage to the sound of a pounding bass. He immediately started rapping about God’s love, people’s unworthiness and what a true relationship with God means.

Deezy has been writing hip hop/rap music ever since he was 10, but seriously picked it up about two years ago. He recently released an album called Another Poor College Kid, in the midst of filming a music video for his single “In the Sky” and recently played a show opening for popular Christian rapper Trip Lee.

It was one of the first times that one of Deezy’s performances included a full band, including Jacob Shar on guitar, K-Dub (Kevin Walter) on drums, Andy Haas on bass, Judah (Derrik Willis), KC Carter and special guest Tamayra with vocals.

Towards the end of the performance the band left the stage and Deezy gave his testimony in his song “My Story.” Following the song the music was shut off and Deezy asked the audience to sit down as he and drummer Walters gave their testimonies.

“I just want to show you guys how disgusting of a person I am and how amazing God is,” Deezy said. After the testimonies, Mallernee joined the stage again to lead worship.

Britta Miller, junior double major in business administration and bible and theology, attended the show and commented on the spiritual impact the show had on her.

“I think a lot is going to be happening on this campus this year, and God is letting everyone use their passion to glorify Him and it’s a beautiful thing,” she said.

Miller saw Deezy perform last year at the talent show and said the difference in him and his music from then to now can only be explained by God. “He is taking his music and anything that can be taken to idolize himself and turning it into glory for God,” Miller said - The Aviso

"Halle Land benefits from student performances"

"This seemed to be a theme throughout the night as Nate Deezy followed bringing students Akash Negi, Darius McBride, and K.C. Carter on stage for a song as well.

Nate Slaughter, better known on stage as Nate Deezy, is a former student and returned to the stage in memorial chapel with his raps and beats many of the students sang along to. He is continuing to make new songs and announced his 25 recorded songs can be downloaded for free online." - The Aviso


"Another Poor College Kid" - Album
released on March 31, 2010

"I'm In The Sky" - Music Video
released November 25, 2010

"Truth On Some Nonsense" - Album
released on April 8, 2011

"One Thing" - Music Video
released on May 4, 2011

"Let The World Hate Me" - Music Video
released on August 13, 2012

"The Movement EP" - Album
release on February 28, 2013



Nate Slaughter aka Nate Deezy of Sons of Thunder ENT is an nationally known recording artist with a unique message, style, and vision. His latest project "The Movement" features an eclectic sound with styles ranging from acoustic to dub-step while maintaining his signature Pop/Hip-Hop style. Incredible featured artists and producers make this album a great buy for any music lover.

This rapper/producer makes his message clear; "The Movement" is the complete transformation of an entire generation. Nate's message is unlike any artist you've ever heard. It's his passion to see his generation reject selfishness and embrace service, throw off apathy and live with purpose. Every beat and phrase are crafted according to this vision. Fans leave his concerts encouraged and uplifted, ready to go out and pursue their dreams!

At the age of 21 Nate lives in North East Ohio with his wife Shelby. Nate works full time as the Communications Specialist for a Non-profit organization in Akron Ohio called True North Ministry. True North does faith-based mentoring and vocational skills programs with youth in juvenile prisons across the state of Ohio. Nate has the opportunity to mentor inner-city youth who have lost hope, direction, and purpose. His experience in the prisons have given him a new perspective on the brokenness that plagues our cities. However, Nate and other True North staff members and volunteers are working hard to make a difference in the lives of troubled youth.

Nate volunteers his time to another Non-profit organization in Akron Ohio called Generation Akron. This organization does non-religious motivational assemblies in public high schools as well as faith-based city-wide youth rallies. Nate adds a lively presence to the program and has performed his songs in many different high schools.