Nate Donnis

Nate Donnis


Laid back, acoustic, soulful, music with a great big baritone vocal


Nate Donnis is hidden talent emerging. With robust, earthy vocals and songwriting that has gained industry attention via the BBC's series “Skins” and the PBS series “Roadtrip Nation”. He delivers compelling/raw acoustic music expressed in forms of Rock and Folk. Following the release of his 2007 "All Directions" with the The Donnis Trio, his music has been well received. Songs from his debut album have been placed in television/radio and commercials across the world. With roots in upstate NY, his music sounds like the pine trees,ponds,and fields he grew up with, always searching for the mirror of truth in all things.


Our Love

Written By: Nate Donnis

It took a while, but now we're here alone. We found each other and it feels like home. Natures subtle rhythm was far ahead of our drum. But now together the beat is one.

Mountains of blessings and rivers of love. Flow in spirit fly in like doves. Pittering patterns in the depths of our sky. Free to rest and free to fly.

Our love, is in everything. Vast and wide. Deep in your eye. Where the silence speaks from the highest peaks to the deepest oceans of the earth. Our love. Our love is

Bright in the strength of two. Cutting through the darkness in the search of truth. Falling on all the beautiful steps of our song. We see our battle is already one.

Lovers and dreamers from the same soul. Imaginations strong and bold. Sewing a quilt of a wonderous life in the home of God, in a room of light


The Donnis Trio - All Directions