Nate Graham

Nate Graham

 New York City, New York, USA

Nate Graham's music is singer-songwriter, piano rock. It's Ben Folds Five meets Elvis Costello. Graham combines catchy tunes and story-driven lyrics with a prodigious performance to captivate audiences. It's Nate Graham.


You're in 7th grade. You're bored and sitting in the back of your English class. Your teacher is discussing a book you have no interest in. How do you pass the time?... Nate Graham sat and wrote music.

Nate Graham grew up in a house that valued music. Though he only took lessons on piano and trombone, there were many instruments around his house and over the years he learned to play them all. His musical curiosity led Graham to experience and perform many genres of music. Early stylistic interests included classical, pop/rock, folk, choral, and wind ensemble music. These interests led Graham to earn a music composition degree from The Hartt School of Music in 2006.

Graham returned to his hometown of Philadelphia after college to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. Graham, and his band Dirty Blue, were met quickly with success in the summer of 2006 winning a battle of the bands at The Electric Factory, and earning the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi and Nickleback at Citizen's Bank Park. The group performed regularly at popular Philadelphia venues like World Cafe Live and The Grapestreet Pub before Graham released his debut solo album, Daylight, in April 2007.

During the year following the release of Daylight, Graham performed primarily as a solo artist. His piano-based songs and performances have been described by fans as possessing "the ease of Elton John" and the "raw perspective of Ben Folds", with the "soulful voice of Ray LaMontagne". Strong melodies and story-driven lyrics are staples of Graham's songs. And in combination with his clever hooks and prodigious piano ability, Graham's songs always capture the audience.

For his next release, Trio EP, Graham stripped his songs down to the bare essentials. The music embraces an economic production value with live recorded, full band, instrumental tracks. Driving rhythms, pounding pianos, and heartfelt ballads create a complete musical experience in only six songs.

In September 2008, Graham relocated to NYC, and currently lives in Brooklyn. Since his move he has reconnected with bassist Adam Cote, and met drummer Dan McGuinness, who make up the other two-thirds of the group frequently billed as the "Nate Graham Trio". The trio actively performs all over the Northeast United States to college crowds and adult audiences alike. New York City has brought many new musical opportunities and challenges, but the Philadelphia area will always be Graham's home, and he returns there frequently to perform.

In 2010 Graham plans to return to the studio. Look for a new release in summer 2010.


Alone In Downtown Memphis

Written By: Nate Graham

I got up and flew to Tennessee
To see a girl I knew from work
After talking all month she invited me
To come and visit her at school in Tennessee

We had worked together all summer long
And I took her out a bunch of times before she left town
Her invitation gave me hope that there was progress to be made
But now I know what a mistake I made

I arrived on time Friday afternoon
And she was there to pick me up
But my hopes for that weekend would be ending soon
Things went downhill fast that very night

They had a party and she started drinking Miller Lite
And she got drunk and passed out on the floor for the whole
And when she woke I tried to kiss but that didn’t get me in her bed
So I spent that night on the floor instead

Awkward! Getting shot down by a drunk girl must be the worst
I was pissed off and she wouldn’t talk to me, not a single word
24 hours in and I had lost

I got up, I got dressed, and I got out of there
But she felt bad so she drove me in to town
And put on a mix tape I made her months ago
And looked at me and said “remember this?”
And I said “you’re crazy bitch!”
And now I’m all alone in downtown Memphis
Yeah I’m all alone after just one kiss
Yeah I’m all alone

Angel In This Town

Written By: Nate Graham

God knows I'm a spiritual man
I pray almost every night
But I always thought some change would occur
When I reached this point in my life

I thought the answers would come with experience
And I'm already twenty-three
But it's the journey that I should embrace for myself
It's not answers that I need

But now I'm back again and I need help with all the changes I have found
But I know I'm gonna find an angel in this town

It's the first fall I have spent at home
In four long years
I enjoyed the time that I spent away
But I only feel at home

Because a home is not a place that you live
It's a feeling that you belong
And my heart knows I haven't been at home
In far too long

But now my back is up against the wall but I won't back down
Cause I know I'm gonna find an angel in this town

I guess I need to start moving forward again
Cause it ain't any easier to stay where I am
Getting beat up is part of making your own luck
And getting knocked down a bit is part of growing up

We've all been down roads before
Where we were tempted to stop
But I pray for the drive to keep my hopes alive
And faith it'll be all right

Gotta keep moving in a positive
Direction all the way
Don't want to end up feeling sorry for myself
Over choices that I made

But now I'm back again and I need help with the changes I have found
But I know I'm gonna find an angel in this town
Now I'm back again and I can hear the beautiful sound
Of voices that I recognize, they're my angels in this town


Written By: Nate Graham

Emily, I hear what you’re saying
But I don’t know how I feel anymore
You want me, to believe in your thinking
But I can’t justify that anymore

I used to believe but now – that’s all gone
I saw my feelings changing but I could – not hold on
Don’t tell me anything now
I’ve made up my mind and I’m cutting free

Emily, you think that I’m sinking
Falling right into the devil’s hands
But can’t you see, that I’ve found clarity
I am running where I used to stand

Emily, put some faith in me
You may not believe it but I’m fine
Emily, take a walk and see
How I view the world with my own two eyes

Emily, your arguments aren’t weak
But they will not sit nicely in my head
The path you walk, is not that path I seek
But don’t act like my soul is dead


Written By: Nate Graham

The sun is coming up at LAX
6:06 in the morning and I’m alone
People are making lines outside checking in
For their long trips back home

There’s Christmas songs on the radio
But I’m tired of all those sounds
I’d take some Paul Simon instead
Because now I’m homeward bound

Going home to Philadelphia (3x)
Cause that’s where I’m from

Finally sitting on the plane
I hear a baby cry as we take off in the morning light
The man sitting next to me looks worried
Still questioning the physics of flight

The women sitting across from me
Never run out of things to say
Victims of bad plastic surgery
Right here in LA

We get in safely
And I pick up my bags and go wait for my ride
I’m not prepared for the weather
I’ve got no coat on and it’s 35 degrees outside

I miss southern California
I miss the warmth of the sun that shone
But the feeling that I have now
Is from being back at home


Daylight - LP released April 2007, can be found on itunes, rhapsody, and other online music sites. Physical CD can be purchased at

Trio EP - EP awaiting digital release.

Set List

Typical sets for Nate Graham are 45 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours. Sets are comprised mostly of original songs with a few covers to be added if necessary.

Original Songs:
- Alone Again
- Alone In Downtown Memphis
- Angel In This Town
- Emily
- I've Relied On You For Too Long
- Moving On
- No Footing
- No Return
- Philadelphia
- River
- The Difference

Cover Songs:
- It's Different For Girls (Joe Jackson)
- Radio, Radio (Elvis Costello)