Nate Higgs

Nate Higgs


The music of Nate Higgs stays with you long after the CD stops spinning. Blending pop piano licks with upbeat guitar riffs, Nate creates a driven rock sound with memorable melodies. Nate's music is open and honest, speaking to the heart about love, life, and the future


Fans of The Fray, Relient K, Jack's Mannequin, and Ben Folds will love the music of Nate Higgs. Released one week before his 19th birthday, "This Time" is a collection of songs that spent 5 years in preparation and 5 months in production.


Close Behind

Written By: Nate Higgs

Saturday I'm feeling fine, eyes stray from the movie
Feel my heart beat, buzzing like a powerline
Interlocks her hand in mine, smiles, says she loves me

Next two weeks she's all that's on my mind

Chorus: Show me what you want, you got it
I'm not afraid to fight
They're playing our song on the radio tonight
We could run away forever
Together we could be free
I know you're too out of league for me
But I'm close behind

Thoughts in question, feelings change, shows an alter ego

I need to know if it's you or her that I'm seeing tonight

Wanting just to rearrange but never wanting to let go

I'm left hanging, holding on in spite


I don't think she'd bluff this time

I'll hold her in the corner of my mind

It's hard for me to talk like that

I'd try so hard to win her back

Though she'll never miss me when she's gone


This is how I wanted it to be

All For You

Written By: Nate Higgd

I'm drifting on words, suspicions arise at the lies that I heard
In my mind all reality's blurred, don't tell me they're true

I tell you I'm fine, a deception I've made to condition my mind

This life that I'm leaving behind, it's all for you

Oh, I need to feel you on the line, I won't hang up this time

Oh, I need to know you're near

Oh, I need you next to me, for always

I still need you here

'Cause it's all for you

Why do I run? Why do I hide when the world's on my side?

If I throw you a line, I know you'll be there

You are the One, the Reason, the Love, and the Light of my world

When I feel my white flag is unfurled and I'm gasping for air

Oh, if all I need is sympathy for what's left of me,

Oh, I know that you'll oblige

Oh, I need you next to me, for always

I still need you here


This Time - 2008
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