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The best kept secret in music



I've had the privilege to know Nate for several years in the capacity of friend and pastor. His story is an amazing testimony of God's love and grace. He has grown into a young man whose heart and passion for Christ?s love is displayed in all that he does.

I really appreciate the fact that my teenage daughters love his music. I like it also. It's great to be able to share positive, uplifting music with my girls.

Keep up the great work Nate, thanks for serving our Lord!

Pastor Lloyd Baker
Streams Christian Church.
Avondale, Arizona - Cinder


Story Behind the Song: (From Nates Debut Album)

When I first came to Nashville to begin the project, I had a lot of insecurities. I was trying so hard to prove who I was and be what I thought everyone wanted me to be. During one writing session, I sat down and had a long talk with a friend about just being me, about not worrying what others think and about focusing on what God has planned for me. Life is like a spotlight and people are always watching. I pause to ask, Am I the same person on stage or hanging with friends as I am when I'm alone.

Down To Love
While in the studio one day, we began to talk about the differences between people and their cultures. We began to realize that it is so easy to love people who are the same as we are. But aren't we supposed to love everyone. My desire in life should be to love everyone as Christ loves me. God is love and at the end of the day, if we love, it all comes back to Him.

Here With Me
One day I was in the studio talking with a friend about life, and the subject of heartache came up. He told me that he truly felt tired of hearing people tell him everything would be ok. He would get through this hard time. He then turned to me and said, "God doesn't arbitrarily send us through things. He goes with us." This is so true. God doesn't push us into hard times and say, "See you on the other side." He is always there with us. When we turn from Him or even run from Him, He's still there. He is "Here with Me."

You Still Know My Name
It amazes me that even though I am such a small person in the huge universe, God still knows who I am and loves me. To the world, I am just another face or another person--someone who stumbles and falls, someone who makes mistakes and forgets to say "I'm sorry." But God knows who I am. Before He created the world with His own hands, He had a plan for me.

Hold Me
This was the last song that was written for the album. It had been several weeks since I had last written, and a lot of emotion and passion were built up inside. While in the studio, we again started a conversation about people telling us, "Everything will be ok" or "You'll get through this." We all agreed that we don't need to hear people tell us it is ok when we are caught in a hard place. All we need to know is that God has it under control. He knows what's best for us, and all I need is for Him to hold me.

Against The Wall
Have you ever promised something to God in return for something? "If you just let me pass this test, I will love you more" or "If you spare his life, I will give you mine." I am so guilty of this. Sometimes I feel so weak and helpless in situations, and I've found that I make promises to God that I can't keep. But He takes these worthless promises and loves us anyway. He holds us tighter than we could ever deserve and never lets go.

While You Wait
�While You Wait� is a song that talks about my stubbornness. I try so hard to do things on my own or to fight to be successful. Through this I run from God, trying to do and accomplish what I want. But no matter how far I run, God is always standing right there next to me just waiting for me to turn to Him. His love is so strong and so faithful that no matter how hard we push away, He stands firm.

This is one of two songs that I did not write for this album. When I heard it, it just hit home and I knew I needed to do it. It is so crazy how sometimes I feel so weak and worthless. But every time I'm down and feel like I'm slipping away, God is always there holding onto me and making sure I don't fall. It just goes back to the fact that no matter where we are, God is always there to save us and love us.

Show Me How
When I heard this song, written by Jamie Moore, Aaron Rice, and Carey Barlowe, I just felt a connection. I am scatterbrained. I get so caught up in emotions and thoughts that don't really mean much. I've realized that�now if I could only learn to just trust the way that God has set before me. If I could only learn to trust in His will rather than mine and allow Him to show me what to do, I will be all right.

I'm Fine
I have tried so hard to be what I thought others wanted me to be. I've struggled with not knowing who I am because I've lost myself in other people�s judgments. "I'm Fine" brings to light this fault of mine. I need to realize that it doesn't matter what others think or say about me. If I am living my life for Christ and striving to be more Christ-like, that is all that matters. I am fine with who I am in Christ.

I am a planned mistake, a blessed gift.
I was adopted when I was three weeks old into the large and wonderful Huss Family. Growing up with seven brothers and sisters was interesting and amazing. We represent seven different nationalities, and we have grown to love and appreciate life and its fullness.

My brother Dan and I wrote "Your Own" to our birth mothers, thanking the


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally from Arizona, For consumers of pop/rock music in the vein of Sanctus Real, Kelly Clarkson, All American Rejects, Jimmy Needham, Hawk
Nelson, Jason Mraz, Here With Me the debut project from new Slanted Records artist Nate Huss is bursting at the seams with upbeat pop/rock hooks guaranteed to stick in your head for days. Adopted into a
multi-racial family of 8 kids, Nate's unique story unfolds through his music and touches on issues of insecurity, finding one's identity in Christ and the love of an eternal Father. The album ends with a grateful
and heartfelt song to his birth mother, the bonus track titled "Your Own." Energetic, heartfelt and culturally relevant, Here With Me is not to be missed

"Your completing missing a great opportunity if you pass up having Nate Huss come and minister at your event! Nate is so much more than a performer-he connected with our students. He is an incredibly gifted musician, but what impressed me the most was humility. His chief goals were to: first glorify Christ, and second to minister to our students. He has a genuineness that I don't see very often. I look forward to partnering with the Nate Huss Band soon!"

Michael Curl
Associate Minister with Students
First Baptist Church McKinney, TX