Nate Latta

Nate Latta

 Santa Barbara, California, USA

Our music is a blend of music that is classic and old-time fused with the attitude and angst of the Punk Rock generation. Nate is a combination of Johnny Cash/The Clash and George Jones/The Ramones. Blending a combination of the best Country/Folk influences with a Rock n Roll swagger. What Mike Ness does with his bands, by taking a step back and getting know your listener is the same thing Nate wants to do with is music.


Nate Latta began his professional musical career in an old-school rock band, covering the classics of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, with an occasional mix of newer bands like Pearl Jam and Social Distortion. Soon, however, Nate found himself drawn to the type of music he grew up with, the country stylings of Wayne Hancock, George Jones, and Hank III, along with rockabilly greats, Carl Perkins and Wanda Jackson. Inspired by this wide range of musical talent and varied styles, Nate began to write his own music, mixing and blending the best from each of his favorite artists.

In 2010, Nate formed his current band, Nate Latta and the Train Hoppers, and in February, 2011 Nate released his debut album, Broken Glass. Blending his country roots and love of rockabilly with punk beats, Nate’s music can best be described as having a punk-meets-country swagger – or as Nate describes it, a cross between Johnny Cash and the Clash, or George Jones and the Ramones, all with a shot of rockabilly on the side.

Writing all the music and lyrics himself, Nate’s album is based on his own life experiences. Pulling from heartache, pain, and growth, Nate’s songs resonate with anyone who has felt the sting of a love lost, or the struggles of moving forward through life’s hardships. Produced by David West, in Studio Z in Santa Barbara, Broken Glass features contributions from David West, Tom Ball, and Barney Tower.