Take the musical versatility of the Beatles and Blur and add the dark, witty lyrics of Ray Davies and Morrissey and mix together with a love of David Bowie, Pixies and The Cure and we sound a bit like that!! Oh yeah, with a mini horn section sometimes and even a little funk!


Nately are a little tricky to describe. At their core are old school friends Al and Niall who have been playing together pretty much forever, busking and jamming as optimistic teenagers! They have formed a number of bands over the years, including the nearly successful indie band Clumsy. Unsurprisingly, after losing a battle of the bands to a girl they decided to get proper jobs! They didn't like them. So once again they dusted off the old axes and came out fighting, only for consecutive band members to flee to the far east!! As it stands at the moment they are a quirky indie two piece who are a regular feature at Bestival and a kickarse indie rock group.....depending on who's available at the time!! The consistent theme though is the quality of the songwriting....a part of the band which nately are sickeningly proud of!! Years of having excellent taste in music has resulted in some pretty powerful material with lyrics that deal with religion, government, love, hate, getting older, death and of course the inexhaustible subject of life!!


Mrs. Bloom

Written By: Niall Barker

Hello Mrs. Bloom
Is there nothing I can do
To brighten up your day
For the remainder of your stay

Or sit around and wonder why
No one ever takes the time
To reminisce with bitter bliss
And no one takes the slightest bit
Of notice anymore

Are you lonely Mrs. Bloom

Born with the mind of a child

Goodbye Mrs. Bloom
Are you leaving us so soon
Is there nothing I can do
Is there no one to cry for you


Our EP Somebody Like You is available on i-tunes and we have innumerable songs on our website that are free to download! We also have a number of videos available on youtube...including our first proper promo!! We have been played on Bestival radio, Israeli radio and American college radio!

Set List

Depends on the line up but acoustically we play Fun and Games, Trying, Lovelife, Last Little Twirl, Where They Belong, Somebody Like you,Couldn't this be Love and Something I know (all of which can be found on youtube). With the band we'll do Condescension, Mrs Bloom and Mr Pope instead of some of the slower ones! We have a very sizeable repertoire though so we really do change every time to best suit the venue! We normally play for about 40 minutes!