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Nate Morgan

Paragould, Arkansas, United States

Paragould, Arkansas, United States
Band Rock Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Very professional
All the instruments are well played. I get a Tom Petty feel from the song. Nice background vocals. Nice Dylan style harmonica. Great electric guitar work. Nice performance of a good song. Fade out works at the end but would like to hear the song ended like the band ends it when playing it live.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Most Rocking Track.

- gabbyhazeband
Fishersville, Virginia -

"One Hot Ride"

Cool style
Interesting unique voice reminds me of older Petty stuff. I like the way it sound like the singer is just ratteling off the words, kind of just spitting them out if ya know what I mean. It sounds really natural and real. You have soul and that is great.

I like the break down at about 2:30 it's a nice release. Not too long not too short.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood.

- supxrxfly
Nashville, Tennessee -

"One Hot Ride"

Retro rock
Opens with a wonderful Hammond organ sound. The mix somehow makes it sound too far way, but it maintains the excellent tone throughout the song. This could easily be a late 60s or early 70s rock track by the Doors, and makes me realise how the new keyboard sounds of the 80s runied all the hard work that had been done by rock keyboard players before that. Here we are reminded how things used to be. There's a hint of the plaintive cry of early Neil Young in the vocals (imagine a rocked up version of "The needle and the Damage Done"). The lead guitar is excellent, but a bit too distorted for my taste. Good composition and arrangement. I'd like to comment on the lyrics, but I can't hear them clearly at key points so I keep losing the thread. They certainly sound thoughtful and above the usaul banality of rock lyrics, but as I say, they need to be clearer. The guitar solo at 2:30 is inspired but would have been even better if played with the tone of the break at 3:25. This is a Claptonesque break and I just wanted it to continue. The overall track sound is muddy and faraway, but this only adds to the retro feel. Good rocking track in a retro kind of way.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Keyboards, Mood, Most Rocking Track.

- taketwomusic
February 25th, 2007 -


Great melody
The REAL strength of this piece is the melody..although the base you're working from is the usually limiting blues 3/4, you take it in new, cool, unpredictable directions. I tip my cap to the writer of this melody.
And the lyrics...I'm hugely impressed that you once again take a usually limiting foundation..a breakup..and you give it an entirely new twist. "We Ended In Memphis"..and you use some very cool images..lights..and shadows on the wall.
The performance is top-notch..I'm hearing some staggeringly good guitar, especially that dirty bottleneck..and the drums & bass are locked in..their tone is perfect.
Reviewed by: daveyngr from Pine Grove, California -


Cool tune
This is avery well written song. Awesome guitar lick from the beginning & when the vocals come in it has a haunting chilling sound. Great vocals though i see you guys going somewhere. great job

Extra Credit: Guitars, Originality, Most Rocking Track.

- Newbourne
Calgary, Alberta, Canada -

"Without a Choir"

A little loose intro, but effective. Everything gets tighter when the vocals and drums come in. Although I don't like that kind of drum sound it works with the song. The band as a whole sound good. This song sounds more like a singer/songwriter kind of stuff more than a progressive rock song. It's definetly a good song more in the vein of tom petty.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Melody, Mood, Best Feel Good Track.

- Trilimusic
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
June 11th -


I have music on as well.



The music I play is influenced by Rock, Blues, and Gospel. I love music! This makes for a hodgepodge of things and sounds. The story behind the band is that I (Nate Morgan) got some friends that happend to be skilled muscians together and we recorded some of the music you are about to listen to. Let me tell you a little about each song.
"One Hot Ride"* was inspired by an emotional break-down while driving the long journey home from LA back to Arkansas. The lyrics are battling mental frenzy, while the music stays a bluesy and soulful 80 mph.
"Memphis"* is about splitting up with my exwife. It is music and lyrical closure to a bad marriage.
"Searching"* is an experimental argument with myself.
"Without a Choir" has literal meaning for me and is also a metephor. Basically it ponders the idea that their are so many of us, yet practically none of us are on the same page. This song was produced ironically by me, myself, and I.
" Message to the Top" is geared toward a signifcantly successful and famous person I know and use to be friends with.
"Another Door" is just dealing with mine and the world's lax attitude towards each other and our surrounding environment.
I hope you like this small sample of what I have written and recorded. Email me any questions. I'll be happy to answer.