Nate Nelson

Nate Nelson

 Athens, Georgia, USA

A folk/pop/rock band from Athens, GA. Mixes sharp focused vocal melodies, folklike acoustic pickings, with tight (and at sometimes) aggressive drums and bass.


Nate Nelson & Cortright

At age 18, Nate Nelson is helping to define a “second generation” of the legendary Athens music scene. An Athens native that was born and raised alongside the fertile music scene, Nate is one of the first of a new generation of Athenians that are writing, recording, producing, and performing on a national level. His soulful voice, matched with his multi-instrumental playing, is paving the road for the new wave of musicians who are emerging from Athens. After releasing his first solo album, Nelson had a hard time finding venues that would let him perform, being that he was only 17. Nelson became the Café troubadour and he quickly gained the attention of the Athens Press; “Nelson’s songs display accelerated wisdom and insight for someone who is just 17…” (David Eduardo, Athens Flagpole, July 13, 2005). Now 18, Nelson is a regular performer in the Athens scene and has played alongside Pylon, Cracker, Drvin’n’ Cryin, Bain Mattox and The Modern Skirts. With his growing popularity, Nelson has gained strong support of local music heroes such as David Barbe, Andy Baker, Andy LeMaster, and Michael Stipe. In 2006, the track “A Sing-Song Fashion” from the E.P. album, was selected to be included in the 10th Annual Athfest Compilation CD, alongside R.E.M, Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers), and The Whigs. The next step in the evolution of Nelson’s career is the formation of his band, Cortright, featuring drummer Ian Werden (Slackdaddy), and Jay Rodgers (Aqua Love) on bass and back-up vocals. Nelson along with his band Cortright are in the studio working hard on the release of the full-length album titled, “Knobs Have Turned,” with producers Andy Baker, and Andy Lemaster . Other musicians that recorded on the album are John Swint (Modern Skirts) Phillip Brantley (Modern Skirts) Andy Lemaster (Now Its Overhead, Bright Eyes) and Amanda Kapousouz (Tin Cup Prophette). “Knobs Have Turned” is scheduled to be out this fall and the band plans to tour Nationally in support of the album. Nelson is already a standout in a town full of music legends, showing that he is the future of southern art and the future is now.


Currently available:

Random Acts- first full lenght album
A Sing-Song Fashion E.P.- 5 song e.p. that has been placed into rotation on commercial radio.

Set List

40-55 mins.
Set lists vary
rarely do covers