London, England, GBR

With dance beats that inhabit your soul & deliver an energy that make a crowd want to get like a '95 mosh pit. Nate_seacourt bring the energy of an old school rave, a grimey London East End dub track and a stoner rock metal gig together into something you will simply not hear or see anywhere else.


nate_seacourt (n_s) are a 3 piece electro-stoner rock entity blending the complexity of progressive rock with sexually twisted electronica into a whirlwind of punk attitude, catchy hooks, sub-bass and raw energy. Formed via MySpace by producer duo Nathan Barnett (programming, synths, backing vocals) and Daniel Perry (vocals, low end bass, programming) in Cornwall early 2006, n_s (n underscore s for those wondering!) have spent the last few years in the studio cultivating a sound that reflects their ongoing battle against the boredom of modern music and that keeps the dance floor exploding, be it recorded or live.

Renowned for philosophical lyrics (“I keep the bomb till the end of the party, party till the end of the bomb” - ‘How To Make War Sexy’), sonic experimentation (Daniel swapped 6 string guitar for bass as it wasn’t “heavy enough”), phenomenal song titles (‘Unicron Stoned’ and ‘I’m Only Here To See How Shit Your Band Is’ to name but a few) and elaborate high energy live shows, n_s are putting their final touches to their long awaited first full album ‘War Is Sexy’ on Dewpond Records, 2010. Recorded over the last 3 years in various studios around the country, ‘War is Sexy’ aims for the first time to replicate on record the n_s live experience; relentless, catchy and guaranteed to make good use of the low end of your speakers. Developing their live sound throughout 2008, the addition of live drummer, Andrew Gill and "superfan" Stabby Joe, n_s have been streamlining and refining their audio output that makes the live experience not only epic, upbeat and unforgettable, but a live gig at any stage of the bill one to remember.

To check out more of their music, head over to the bands website at, and also on Spotify, iTunes and Facebook.


Album: War is sexy
Single: How to Make War Sexy

Set List

War Is Sexy
I'm Only Here To See How Shit Your Band Is
Hot 97.1
Unicron Stoned