nathalie gampert

nathalie gampert


Afro Colombian Jazz and funk music. On stage: interesting, sensitive, ethnic, multi cultural and dinamic visual performance. Very varieted jazz and strong grooves. Contemporary dancer and video clip"Los mares de la luna" against labor explotation on children in the world.


AFRO COLOMBIAN JAZZ is the term used to define the music of NATHALIE GAMPERT, a swiss bass player and composer, who after years of accompanying innumerable recording artists, offers us her own, BAJOS DISTINTOS. An odyssey of diverse rhythms from Colombia’s Caribbean coast, mixed with jazz, and funk. A mixed bag combining musical experiences in Switzerland, Italy, Colombia, France, England and the US, where she developed her amazing talent and versatility.
Contemporary and ethnic sounds, are the result of this modern fusion exploring a variety of musical genres.
Nathalie with her project BAJOS DISTINTOS has won two composition awards (for “US 5” and “POR EL MAPA”) from the Instituto Distrital de Cultura y Turismo of Colombia. Her work was among top nominees in the I.D.C.T. Jazz, Fusión and World Music festivals in 2004 and 2005 and was chosen by Semana magazine as one of the ten best Colombian CDs in 2005. Nathalie and her band represents Colombia in the Jazz Plaza Festival in Cuba, in December 2006.

During her extensive travels, NATHALIE has shared local and international stages with artists such as Cabas, Antonio Arnedo, La Derecha, Amparo Sandino and Alejandro Martínez and composed for film and television.
Recently she released her video clip about childness and against labor explotation on children. To see the video search for Nathalie Gampert on You Tube, "Los mares de la luna".


Nathalie Gampert: Caramelo
Nathalie Gampert: Bajos Distintos

Set List

Por el mapa
Ni una Nube
Aviones de papel
Chacha 007
Bajo Mundo
Primero el mar
El Golpe
All own compositions. The lengh of a concert is about 1.30h.