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Nathalie J

Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands

Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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I hope you’ll Enjoy my Music!
I just launched my Music Store you should check it out!
I am letting you know that I am featured on the site, on 4/19/10 at 12:01 PM eastern time usa.
Both of my Singles “Stronger & No More Fear”
are now Available on I-Tunes and
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Now I’m working hard on my Album `Sudden Changes`
I’m happy to say , I’m
Proud of what I have accomplished on my own Strength ,
be independent after the
Bad times I had in the past ,
But that’s over now,
It’s is time to move on , and don’t look back`.
I have many instrumental beats you should check it out
My Style can be described as R&B/Pop/ Soul
but I have many variety in my music ,because Many Artist inspire Me. /
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Nathalie-joan was born on 17 November 1977 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
When she was a little girl she always waited for Countdown and the top 40 to look on the tv, loved the music
And she tried to sing as far as she could understand what the artists sang.
In the age of 9 years she started to sing more often,
was it not by herself then was it, however, with her older sister Monique.
With a cassette tape recorded songs and then listnen to it.
That was Fun!
Monique did 2e the voice.
She went on young age to traditional ballet,
jazz ballet, tapdance and Showmusical
and she also practise gymnastics for 10 years .
And she still dances traditional Ballet(after a stop of 4 years).
, and so she find out her Passion for Singing, Dancing and Performing .
She also likes to work as a Model ,
and did some acting jobs what was a wonderfull experience
for her.
a scene of 10 min. as Athena, in a
upcomming film, it's going to be shown in Los Angeles
, But her Passion is to Sing, and make music.
.She is Creative in making beats and produce them herself, "still learning more every day , she said.
hope to be as good as Timbaland.
She started as a little girl
to write down the lyrics of her favourite artists,
and than later began to write her own songs.
She is still developing her voice in the good manner.
playing piano and singing her most favo
Covers of .....Alicia Keys , ..Joss Stone ,...........
Whitney Houston .....Joni Mitcell..........
Michelle Lewis, ..Taylor Swift,
some oldies and many more
She was in New York in april 2008 to record
her single "No More Fear" and had an amazing time over there!
It all went well,
and we made it happen!
The recordings were good and my voice was smooth.
Summer of 2008 she got Airplay of a dutch
Radio Station DANCETERIA!
and now you can hear her on Womans Radio in the United States
Both of her Singles are now Available on ITunes and
Now she´s working hard on her Album `Sudden Changes`
She is happy to say , She´s
Proud of what she has accomplished on her own Strenght ,
be independent after the
Bad times she has in her past ,
But that´s over now,
It´s is time to move on , and don´t look back`.
Currently she´s working on a
Dutch project called
Check it out !
She has many instrumental beats you sould check it out
Her Style can be described as R&B/Pop/ Soul
but she has many variety in her music ,because Many Artist inspire Her.
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