Nathan Hinojosa

Nathan Hinojosa

 Austin, Texas, USA


Hailing from Coarsegold, California, and currently in Austin, Texas, Nathan's spicy brand of flamenco guitar has been enjoyed all over the Southwest. Influenced by masters such as Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, and Vicente Amigo, Nathan's technique is also shaped by Classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart. Passionate about many genres, Nathan's been known to sprinkle some jazz, reggae, and funk into his shows along the lines of Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, and Jamiroquai.


In 2015, Nathan began setting up his own tours through the Southwest, playing shows throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California. In August of that year, he released his self-titled debut, featuring "Escape," and "Cerro Blanco." His live sound features a variety of pedals and looping effects that achieve a fully-produced sound, even while playing solo. Nathan often plays as a duo or trio with local talents such as Jeff Grauzer on bass, Dave Massey on guitar, or Deborah Brown on accordion.


Often tuning in 432Hz, Nathan gives his audience performances meant to achieve a relaxing, harmonious response. He is currently writing new music for an upcoming album release, and taking a short break from touring to enjoy his new baby girl.


You can hear Nathan play every Saturday evening at Mesa Rosa (FM 620). He also plays country guitar with Janie Balderas and flamenco guitar with Flamenco Symphony.