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Nathan Beaver

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Live at Paste: Nathan Beaver"

Folk rock musician Nathan Beaver recently dropped by the Paste studio to hang out and play some tunes. Now based in Nashville, this singer-songwriter got his legs in Athens, Ga., and he's revisiting his roots as he currently tours the South.

Click the image to watch his set, which includes songs from his second studio album, titled Universal You. - Paste Magazine

"CD Review: Nathan Beaver — Universal You; Playing Smith’s Olde Bar’s Atlanta Room, September 18"

You have to admire Nathan Beaver’s tenacity. The Atlanta-bred singer/songwriter (now living in Nashville) began recording the follow-up to his 2004 debut CD in 2005 and due to a studio mishap, the 80 percent complete recording was lost. Understandably emotionally distraught and financially strapped, Beaver was forced to shelve his musical plans indefinitely. Fortunately he overcame this tragedy and has finally emerged five years later with his second effort, the likable if unremarkable Universal You, released this past June.

The CD starts out with the near-dirge-like “Piecing Together the World,” an unusual choice for an album opener due to its slow pace. Though the song has a palpable earnestness and features some tasty pedal steel guitar from Mark Van Allen (who adds wonderful touches to many of the songs on the CD), it probably would have worked better buried somewhere in the middle of the record. Fortunately, Beaver picks up the pace on the second cut, the standout “Clever,” a Jackson Browne-ian song that should have opened the CD and would fit in well on most adult contemporary playlists. The other notable track is “Shame On Me,” one of the only other upbeat numbers on the disc and another showcasing the instrumental prowess of Van Allen, along with Beaver’s clear, easy-going voice.

Universal You’s production (by Will Robertson) is often a little too slick and polished for its own good, as are Beaver’s often overly serious lyrics and attitude (an affliction suffered at times by many singer/songwriters), but when he lets go a little, the results are quite pleasing and satisfying. Next time he goes to the studio, Nathan Beaver will hopefully not be hit with any unforeseen disasters and will try to have a bit more fun. - Atlanta Music Guide

"Universal You"

Although Atlanta-bred singer-songwriter Nathan Beaver has relocated to Nashville, it’s clear he still has Georgia on his mind. Five years in the making, this album was written, recorded and mixed locally.

Any project that takes half a decade to come to fruition is likely to be intricately conceived, and that’s surely the case here. The ballad-heavy program is beautifully produced with assistance from Will Robertson: Subtle chamber strings, trumpet and crying pedal steel snake through many tracks.

Like early Jackson Browne, Beaver sings mostly about matters of the heart, with a smooth voice and a laid-back fervor that burns outward from the center. When he ups the tempo on the peaceful, easy feeling of “Shame on Me,” a slick country rocker that could have been an outtake from an early Eagles or Poco disc, he hits a sweet spot that shows how effortless this can feel.

However, the reflective, lyric-heavy approach can take its toll, and the onslaught of sensitive, nice-guy-with-a-broken-heart sentiments on tracks such as the closing “Ask Anyone” gets repetitive over 14 cuts. Beaver is somewhat awkward rocking out on “Someone Else,” but more upbeat material would have made this painstakingly crafted labor of love a stronger collection. 2.5 STARS—Hal Horowitz - The Sunday Paper

"Nathan Beaver - Universal You"

The state of Georgia has given us some great talent over the years---Shawn Mullins, John Mayer, and Sugarland among them. Get ready to add another name to that growing list in Atlanta native Nathan Beaver. He’s got a very distinctive voice, and a likewise distinctive sound---though one that is impossible to pigeon-hole.

On some cuts, like “Your Next Move,” he strikes a pop tone a la the afore-mentioned Mayer. But, he can turn swiftly and mine some of the Southern Rock feel of Steve Earle on the loud-and-proud “Someone Else.” He even delves into the Blues at times, as evidenced here by the superb and thought-provoking “Heavy Hearts.”

While I doubt he’s focusing on any one genre of music, there is a bit of a Country lean on a few cuts on UNIVERSAL YOU. The album’s opener, “Piecing Together The World,” contains some excellent steel licks, and you get the idea that Beaver has listened to at least one Vince Gill record during his lifetime.

He also possesses a great gift as a tunesmith, as proven here on tracks like “Stand By,” “Mason Jar,” and “Elizabeth.” Whether as a songwriter, or a singer, or better yet…..both….Beaver is a force to be reckoned with!

For more about Nathan or to buy this CD, visit
- Music News Nashville

"Fly High, Duluth! blog: Mix Tape Appreciation Society No. 2"

Budgeteer editor Matthew R. Perrine's self-proclaimed "awesome" mix tape series SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES is now more appropriately titled: Enter the MIX TAPE APPRECIATION SOCIETY. - Duluth News Tribune

"CD Review: Universal You"

Nathan Beaver's blend of folk music and Americana is a simple style, but he executes it like a seasoned veteran on his latest album. The instrumentation on the album is classic Americana, bordering on southern rock and country music. Hailing from Georgia, he is able to combine his roots and his talents to deliver outstanding songs like "Clever," which is radio ready and sure to get Beaver some praise from critics and DJs as well as a whole bunch of new fans. Other songs on the album that show off Nathan's excellent performance are "Mason Jar" and "Piecing The World Together," which sounds like an old Nashville standard. Nathan Beaver is the epitome of the real deal, and his music is fresh and familiar, a combination that will help him go far. -


With one live and one studio album under his belt, Beaver began work on his second studio full-length, Universal You, in 2005. When recording was approximately 80% complete, the studio lost everything through a technical glitch. Devastated and running out of money, Beaver put recording on hold, and a year passed before he could even talk about getting back into the studio.

Eventually, Beaver met acclaimed producer Will Robertson, and the two agreed that Robertson would take over production of the album. In 2009, Beaver started recording again in earnest, this time in Robertson’s studio. In the summer of 2009, he took a sabbatical from his marketing job to finish the record. This was
largely accomplished, though some additional tracks were recorded later in the year.

Universal You was at last released in June of 2010, with shows in Athens and Decatur. The album includes the existential ballad “Piecing Together the World” and “Mason Jar,” a perennial favorite at his live shows. The hit single, “Clever,” is about his girlfriend, Jessica.

The album reflects not only admirable perseverance, but also a deepening of Beaver’s lyrics and a more refined and authentic musicality. Will Robertson’s production ably showcases Beaver’s smooth tenor vocals with instrumentation that supports but never gets in the way. Universal You is distributed by Red Eye Gravy Records.



Nathan Beaver, an Atlanta-bred singer-songwriter and folk rock musician, began his music career in the vibrant music scene of Athens, Georgia, playing drums for the band Conflict of Interest. He later performed with Curbside Crush, eventually breaking away to become a solo performer. Beaver has released
two solo studio albums: Point B (2004) and Universal You (2010), which includes contributions from Mark Van Allen on pedal steel, Clay Cook (of the Zac Brown Band) on electric guitar, and Kevin Leahy (former Shawn Mullins drummer who performed on Mullins’s 1998 #1 hit single, “Lullabye”) on drums.

He also released, in 2001, a Live at Eddie’s Attic compilation recorded at the famed Decatur, Georgia, music venue that nurtured the early careers of Shawn Mullins, John Mayer, Sugarland and the Indigo Girls.

He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Beaver is most strongly influenced by several one-man, folk rock singer-songwriters, including David Wilcox, Jeff Buckley, James Taylor, Ryan Adams, Matthew Kahler and Shawn Mullins.