Nathan Brailey

Nathan Brailey


Nathan is a talented, versatile songwriter who makes the complex art of writing a song seem effortless. His instinctive feel for genres and subtle stylistic charms makes him a skilled artist with a lot to offer the industry.


Nathan was first a guitarist and from humble beginnings had evolved into a multi skilled musician. His primary passion is Rock but by no means stops there. Playing and writing for Melbournian Rock, Ska, Reggae, Punk, Acoustic Folk, Christian and metal bands are just some of his recent gigs. He is now ready to share his original songs with the world. It's now or never Time To Be Heard. Nathan is looking to provide quality songs for artists all around the world.



Written By: Nathan Brailey

I see you walk I see you move
I see your face and you see me to
I see that look and I lose the room
Well its just baby it’s just you

You’re my superstar

You can work me until I cry
I go from high to riding sky
Unlock the roots of my desire
Did I hear you say me dreams come true tonight

You can bring out the iner me
You make me feel I’m living destiny

You’re my superstar (Repeat)


Written By: Nathan Brailey

Now not every woman and not every man,
Who wants to hit the town tonight can,
Get out and dance to an up-bet sound,
When you might be sick or have your kids around,
It’s times like this that we all need,
For a crystal set wired to a funky feed
Sometimes you gotta let the groves come to you
And in your own back dance the bogaloo

This song is the throw out to the songs you hear at home,
To the DJ’s all alone turn it up on your stereo,
This song is for every public broadcast company,
Putting it out there for free,
On the wireless for you and me,
I’m singing,

Calling out on the radio so that the people at home they know they’re not alone. (Repeat)

Let it flow on the radio just a transistor from you to a live studio

Let go with your radio beats beamed down to your groove ground control


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