Nathan Chapman

Nathan Chapman

 Glenroy, Victoria, AUS

Too polite for punk, too sophisticated for country, too quiet for deaf people


Nathan is a talented Australian songwriter from the regional Victorian town of Morwell, where he grew up surrounded by the inspiring sights and smells of coal mines, power stations and a paper mill.
He writes and records songs at home using an iPad, and recently starting recording his first EP in a studio. His songs are fun and catchy, but also make you think. 



Written By: Nathan Chapman

I used to spend all my days
And nights all tucked away
As if inside a fortress
No friends came to play

King of my domain
A free and easy reign
But I wanted something better
Had to open up the gate

The walls were closing in on me
Somehow, I needed to get free

So lonely livin’ in my room
She rescued me from the gloom
I saw her in the light, it was love at first sight
In the delivery room

I emerged from my cocoon
One cold day in June
Put down my landing gear
Carefully smelled the air

Stranger in a foreign land
First crawl then learn to stand
Beginning of a journey
One small step for a man

In order to be fully grown
You’ve gotta leave your comfort zone

So lonely livin’ in my room
She rescued me from the gloom
I saw her face above me, and I screamed that I was hungry
In the delivery room

Feeling Blue

Written By: Nathan Chapman


I’m feelin’ blue - like the pen that I use to write to you
red’s too aggressive and black’s too defensive
The stationery salesgirl couldn’t help me too
Although I interrogate her
Brandish a stapler
She says, “I’m afraid sir
There’s no liquid paper
To erase that girl’s name from your heart”

I’m feelin’ blue - like the bottom of the pool I took you to
Didn’t look but I oughta --- I jumped in --- no water
After the snickering, much-amused ambulance crew
The doctor said, “If you please sir,
We’ll wash and feed ya,
Cut open and bleed ya
Hold you down in a seizure
but there’s no medical procedure
For the pain that you feel in your heart”

Crabs regrow legs, worms get new heads; they’re whole again
Bees sting and die, fall from the sky and it’s over, over

I’m feelin’ blue - like the toothpaste the dentist told me to use
He peered and prodded, I sat still and nodded
“We can bleach your teeth whiter
Make them straighter and brighter
chewers and biters
canines and incisors
we’d all be delighted
But we can’t make you want to smile”


Demo songs are being recorded at the moment

Set List

Typical set 30min. Songs include Poor Pluto, Mini, Wounded Girl, Feeling Blue, Habits, Relax, George