Nathan Coles Outfit

Nathan Coles Outfit


After releasing his stunning solo EP Bird (2003) to local acclaim, Nathan Coles soon formed an Outfit consisting of Chris Hierlihy, Jordan Howard, and Vish Khanna. Together, the quartet has an explosive and crowd-pleasing band on their hands.


***DECEMBER 2005 NEWS***

Happy Holidays,

We'll be playing two shows at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto with the Skydiggers and the Cash Brothers on December 22nd and 23rd. For more info, please check out Shows.

Twelve Upheavals That Brought The Redwoods To Flight has received some very nice reviews from Chart Magazine, Eye Weekly, and Exclaim! among others. The record has been sent out to campus and community radio stations across Canada and we're hoping it gets itself some airplay. It's also available at the following stores: The Bookshelf; Macondo Books; Beat Goes On; Encore Records; Soundscapes; and Orange Monkey Music.

Finally, we now have a MySpace account. We'll add it to our Links section but for now, here it is:

I think that's it.
See you next year.



September 2005


I can’t stop listening to Kanye West. Seriously, it’s like a sickness. Late Registration is incredible.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing. If you check our shows page, you’ll see that September’s pretty busy for us. Nate’s playing a solo show in Guelph on Tuesday September 6. The Outfit will be playing shows in different parts of Ontario with the likes of Cuff the Duke and Peter Elkas and we’re also playing the Ear to Ground Festival on the same day as Sleater-Kinney, Joel Plaskett, and our good friends the Barmitzvah Brothers among many, many other great bands. So, please come out and see us if you can.

Twelve Upheavals that Brought the Redwoods to Flight is getting a paintjob as we speak. We’ll have a release date for you soon.

That’s all for now.

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Nathan Coles Outfit played its first show together at the 2004 Hillside Festival in their hometown of Guelph, Ontario. Since then, the band has played wherever and whenever possible, crossing Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia thus far to play different rooms and festivals. They have shared stages with some excellent musicians and old and new friends, including Jim Guthrie, Clark the Band, Constantines, Great Lake Swimmers, Sea Snakes, Jon-Rae Fletcher, Snailhouse, Al Tuck, Peter Elkas, Ben Gunning, Cuff the Duke, Matthew Barber, Dave Clark, and Gentleman Reg among others. On the strength of Nathan Coles’ songwriting, bassist Chris Hierlihy, guitarist Jordan Howard, and drummer Vish Khanna have become a tight quartet, gaining an excellent reputation for their spirited live performances. While Coles earned great praise for his independently released solo ep, Bird (2003), he always hoped to record an album with a full band. With the Outfit assembled, the boys spent most of 2005 with producer Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics) working on their debut album, Twelve Upheavals that Brought the Redwoods to Flight, which was released to great acclaim on Facehead Records in November, 2005. Now that this record is out, Nathan Coles Outfit will get back to writing more songs and playing a lot more shows. Please look out for those and always check for photographs and updated information about the band.

More info about the new album is right here:

Nathan Coles Outfit
Twelve Upheavals that Brought the Redwoods to Flight

1. Wheeled
2. Ordinary
3. I Watch
4. NeedleWood
5. Favoured
6. Angry Eyed
7. Wife
8. Found Out
9. Subdued
10. 14 Ears
11. Where We're From
12. As I Walk

Produced by Don Kerr and NCO
Recorded at the Gas Station Studio between January and August 2005
Mixed by Don, NCO, and Jim Guthrie
Mastered by Fedge at Reaction Studios

Nathan Coles - vocals, guitar
Chris Hierlihy - bass
Jordan Howard - guitar, vocals
Vish Khanna - drums

Jessy Bell-Smith - vocals
Peter Elkas - vocals, keyboards
Geordie Gordon - violin
Don Kerr - cello, vocals

All Lyrics by Nathan Coles, All music by Nathan Coles Outfit © 2005


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Regarded by fans and fellow musicians as one of Guelph’s best-kept secrets, Nathan Coles is quickly outgrowing his cult audience thanks to his evocative songwriting and arresting vocals. After years of being a stalwart in Guelph’s music scene, lighting up open-stage nights at the Jimmy Jazz and playing his heart out opening for visiting artists around the city, Coles finally has a record for folks to bring home with the five-song EP, Bird. Co-produced and recorded by Guelph sound guru James Ogilvie (Royal City), Bird is a stunning display of balladry and graphic arts, as Coles demonstrates his equal talents as a musician on the EP’s songs and as a visual artist with its brilliantly illustrated sleeve. Coles’ haunting, impassioned singing voice is,


Bird EP (Independent, 2003)
Twelve Upheavals that Brought the Redwoods to Flight (Facehead, 2005)

Set List

as I walk
found out
angry eyed
I watch
14 ears
where we're from
facehead 5ive