Nathan Duprey

Nathan Duprey


Melodic singer-songwriter seduction meets electronic pop.



Nathan Duprey, a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, is touring this spring in support of "Leisure Time," a 5-song acoustic follow-up EP to his 2004 independent release, "Phoenix Rising." Songs from his debut have appeared in films such as "The List," directed by Nikita Burdein, and have garnished great reviews in regional northeastern publications. Duprey has been a source of interest for major labels like RCA/J and Columbia, and is currently a featured artist on

The piano is the standout instrument in Nathan Duprey's crafty, melodic indie-pop offering. It's a beautiful complement to his self-effacing, thoughtful lyrics. He creates quite the paradox with a dual persona of witty satirist and introspective navel-gazer; each side of him, however, is equally engaging.

The tenacious blare of his voice and the sound of his piano ringing as an afterthought creates a resonance that is easily felt, and easily reciprocated.

"His voice inspires hope and romance."
- Stephanie Joudrey,


Uncommon Ground -- Chicago, IL

Johnny D's -- Boston, MA

Rockwood Music Hall -- New York, NY

169 Bar -- New York, NY

Middle East -- Boston, MA

Felicia's -- Ithaca, NY

Flavour Cafe -- Troy, NY

The Evening Muse -- Charlotte, NC

Eddie's Attic -- Decatur, GA

Root Bar -- Asheville, NC

Flipnotics -- Austin, TX

Opening Bell -- Dallas, TX

Blue Dragon -- Albuquerque, NM

The Planet -- Tucson, AZ

Paisley Violin -- Phoenix, AZ

Viento y Agua -- Long Beach, CA

Room 5 -- Los Angeles, CA

The Green Room -- Portland, OR

Imbibe -- Portland, OR

Nectar Lounge -- Seattle, WA

Boo Boo's -- San Luis Obispo, CA

Sweetwater Saloon -- Mill Valley, CA

Bismarck State College -- Bismarck, ND

Ginko's -- Minneapolis, MN

Toad -- Boston, MA


Leisure Time, 5-song EP released in 2007.
Phoenix Rising, 10-song CD released in 2004.

Set List

All original songs. Set list can range from 45 min - 2 hrs depending on the venue and set times.

Prove Me Wrong
I Love The Damage
Making It Worse
Just Because
Cafe Rewind
One More Lie
Seen It Coming
Just The Sound
Where To Begin
The Others