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Nathan Eshman

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Written By: Nathan Eshman

A million faces, a million names
A million lost Opportunities
A million times I’ve watched them pass me by
A million hopes, a million dreams
A million times I have heard and seen
A million reasons I had let them go

What if I look away from myself?
What if I change my perspective?
What if I take a walk in someone else’s shoes?

Oh What if maybe you and I
Could waste some time?
Talk about your life till now
Step away from what we know
Could we please...just kill my apathy?

A million wants, a million needs
A million times I have heard and seen
A million chances I’ve had and ignored
A million questions, a million lies
A million answers we’re all trying to find
A million waiting for the right escape

It always seems a shame
That we all appear the same
If only we could break our fear
And kill our apathy