Nathan A French

Nathan A French


Nathan A. French of Nathan Ministries ( writes the lyrics & tunes and sings in a positive & conversational style. All songs are born out of personal experience & bare the mark of authenticity. His music inspires listeners to "Turn Around" and live a life for Christ.


About 14 years ago I was not walking with the Lord (although I accepted Him when I was about seven). I was spending most of my time rebelling against almost everything I was taught was right. I was so tired of my dad (who was a pastor for 22 years) and the rest of my family telling me what to do. I decided to move from Washington State to the sunny beach-filled state of Florida. I did a lot of drugs, I had a lot of sex, and I burned through a lot of money…but it was never enough. I thought that doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, was real freedom. I was so very wrong! The more I gave my life over to sin, the more lost and empty I became.
One day I woke up in a very strange place. Everyone was a stranger. I asked why I was there and how I got there, but no one would tell me. I was extremely sad and lonely. A few days passed and finally a familiar face entered the room. I began to cry as I looked up into the eyes of my father. He said, “son, do you know what day it is?” I said, “no, dad, I don’t”. He said, “it’s your birthday…the devil tried to take your life, but the Lord intervened and I’ve come to take you home”.
I attempted suicide. The seed was planted when I watched a movie called “The Client”. In the beginning of the movie a high-roller attorney lost all of his money. He drove down an old lonely road and hooked himself up to the exhaust pipe of his car and committed suicide. It looked like such an easy way out. Subconsciously, I began to process this as a way out of my messed up life. So I wrote a suicide note for everyone that cared about me, apologizing for any pain it would cause them. I gathered up a vacuum hose and some big garbage bags. Then I drove until I found a road like the one in the movie. I inhaled carbon monoxide until I passed out cold. Seconds from death, my van ran out of gas, stopping the flow of carbon monoxide to my lungs. It was’t long before I came to, but my mind was blown. The hot vacuum hose melted away my fingers to the bone on my left hand. I began to wander around on foot until I came to a convenience store. The clerk could see there was something desperately wrong with me, so she called 911. I was picked up and taken to the hospital. They discovered a life threatening amount of carbon monoxide in my blood. I was treated and shipped off to a psych-ward (for people who try to harm themselves). That was the strange place I mentioned earlier.
My father met me right where I was…all messed up and broken. Seeing his face that day…the sadness and anguish, I won’t ever forget. My earthly father became an extension of my heavenly Father’s hands.
We stopped on our way home at hospitals all across the United States so doctors could cut open my blisters and scrub away infection. I was in excruciating pain for months as I under went extensive skin graphing and rehabilitation. They were able to take skin from my left leg to rebuild my fingers. Doctors and specialists said I would never again be able to drive a car. They said I would no longer be able to function in society. To make matters worse, I had no short term memory. I would ask the same questions over and over again, exhausting whomever had the patience to be around me. My medical bills were well over $100,000.00 and the pain of my reality didn’t end there…but it was a turning point for me.
Repentance literally means to "turn around" or change direction. I had reached brokenness. Like a wild horse, I was no good to my master until I was broken. So I began to turn my life back to the Lord. I received all kinds of prayers and the Lord began healing my mind, rebuilding it with the truth in His word. The hospital decided to write off my $100,000.00 of medical bills as charity (kind of like forgiveness). To rebuild my mind and retrain my memory, I memorized scripture and a message from Pastor John Hagee ( titled, "Battle Cry." I now have a new attitude of gratitude! Now with that same hand that was burned and wounded I’ve written over 100 Christian songs and today I am not the same. That experience has refined me like gold under fire and I know I’m still far from pure. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful that the Lord allowed that horrible experience into my life. I chose the wrong path and God allowed me to suffer the consequences, but in the end the Lord used my brokenness for good. If I would have known the difficulties my rebellion would have caused, I would have followed Christ and done what was right from the beginning.
Five years after my attempted suicide, during that same week…Danielle became my wife, what a gift. We’ve been married 9 years and the Lord has blessed us with two amazing daughters. I’m starting to see the rewards of a surrendered life to Christ…the peace, the love, the joy….that’s real freedom! I know it’s only the beginning of what He wants to do in me and I know He wants to do the same for you…are you willing? My dad always said, “a wise man learns from his own mi


Here & Now

Written By: Nathan A. French (c) 2008

Waves are crashing on the sand time is passing by again
I hear your voice in the quiet of this day
Seems so lost and all alone
Like a drifter that’s without a home
‘Til I heard your voice this is what you say

Here and Now
There’s so much I want you to see
Here and Now
It’s more than just some fantasy
Here and Now
I want you to be close to me
Here and Now

I know that you’re feeling weak
My strength’s enough it’s all you need
I’ll fill you up abundance overflows
A quiet walk the water’s still Looking for a heart to fill
Pouring out my life I hear you say


Will you come to me
Will you just be still
I want you to hear

The harvest is plentiful
Workers few so it’s time to go
The fog lifts at the sound of your word
Compassion that is flowing down Every time I hear the sound
The quiet voice listen to it say

Waves are crashing on the sand time is passing by again
I hear your voice this is what you say
(pause music)
Can you hear me now

I Wanna Fly

Written By: Nathan A. French (c) 2008

Every problem I face brings me closer to
The strength I find in you
When I walk that narrow road Doing what you want me to
It doesn’t take long to know
That you’re the one running the show
And now these blinded eyes can see the change you’ve made in me

I wanna fly high above every mountain
I wanna go where ever you lead me Lord
I wanna fly high above every mountain
I wanna fly where ever you lead me Lord

There’s a perfect plan that you made for me
And everyone that seeks your will
At times I get discouraged
And can’t see over the hill
I center my thoughts with eyes on you
And nothing can bring me down
You’re like the wind underneath my wings
It’s like my feet just leave the ground

Chorus x 2
I wanna fly

(Optional V3):
You have begun a good work in me finish it until I’m free
If I honestly evaluate myself, I know where I need to be
I’ll strengthen my wings until I learn to fly and climb on the mountain high
Sing with me as I lead out ‘til our voices reach the sky
We’re singin'

Turn Around

Written By: Nathan A. French (c) 2008

Why do I feel held down by this deep addiction
I’m tired of being a prisoner of my affliction
I think it’s time I move toward your redemption
Deliver me of the fantasy of ill intention

Why do I hold myself down
Please give me the strength to turn around
Turn around

This road I’m on is goin’ nowhere
I can see the signs are telling me no lies
Why would I hold onto what’s killing me
The truth is I’m a prisoner ‘til I’m free (x2)

Lord I beg you please won’t you help me (x2)
To turn around


Please give me the will to turn around

From The Inside

Written By: Nathan A. French (c) 2008

Your beauty is so clear to see
Your face is like an ocean breeze
That blows right through my hair
I can see you everywhere

The wonders of your gentle touch Never knew that I could feel so much
Your smile really lights my day
And I love you in the deepest way

I wanna love you from the inside out
Don’t ever wanna be without
Knowin’ what it’s like to live
Lovin’ from the inside out
I want to learn to live lovin’ from the inside

I see how much you trust in me Even more in our Magesty
Nothing is more real to me
Then what I see on the inside

I don’t care much for the glamour scene
Fancy pictures in a magazine
‘Cuz baby you’re my beauty queen And I love you on the inside

I want to grow old with you
And see the things you do
The way you speak to me
From the inside
I want to grow old with you
And see the things you do
The way you reach for me
From the inside

I know that our looks will fade Soon there will come a day
We’ll need to learn to live
Lovin’ from the inside

One day when I’m at heaven’s gate
Think I know what my Lord will say
I’ve never stopped lovin’ you…startin’ from the inside
I’ve been lovin’ you…startin’ from the inside out


Written By: Nathan A. French (c) 2008

Cool wind in my face
I feel the engine shake
Holding on to
All that I know You can do

Ready for the ride
Releasing what’s inside
Knowing that You’ll do
All that You’ve been worthy to

I’m free free I’m free
Who the Son sets free
Is free indeed
Free I’m free
You set me free
I’m free indeed

I need Your guiding light
To help me through this night
Don’t know this road I’m on
But I do know where I am goin’

Wheels spinnin’ round
I’ll share what I have found
There’s people all around
They’ve been breakin’ free from chains that bound
Like me


I love this road You put me on
And I love all You have done


CD Debut titled "Open My Heart" 2007, next CD "Turn Around" to be released February 2009.

Set List

A typical set is about 7 songs - est. of 30min. a set. Open My Heart CD - Open My Heart, I Wanna Fly, Precious Gift, I Want More, Tap Into the Well, Childlike Faith, Joyful, Which One Will Betray You, My Faith In Love, In My Time Child, Reign Down On Me, Final Day, Loungin'.
Turn Around CD - Free, Turn Around, Hello, Thankful, Will You, Praise You, Here and Now, Satisfaction, Waving the Flag of Freedom, From The Inside, Re-Mix of Reign Down on Me, Re-Mix of In My Time Child,