Nathan Hates Johnny Hates Jazz

Nathan Hates Johnny Hates Jazz


Take a catchy-as-hell rock/pop song and run it through the Alterna-Indie-Jangle machine. Beat it with a bat and cover it with rust n' dust n' grease. Now add weighty lyrics. Yeah... that's the idea.


Current Project: Nathan Hates Johnny Hates Jazz – NYC - Nate has shared the stage with Ben Folds, Sonic Youth, Butch Walker, Guster, Don McLean. He is a DIY musician through and through overseeing all aspects of his career including Songwriting, Management, Booking, Website (, Recording, Promo and Press. Described time and again as an extremely intense artist, Nate explodes on stage with a controlled fury. His hook-laden, heavily rhythmic, jangly power pop runs you over, picks you back up, dusts you off and leaves you smiling.

Past Projects: BlueSuedeGroove (Toured for 5 years with roots rock band; Released 3 full-length albums and one video independently); Street performer/Busker in Dallas TX, Philadelphia PA, NYC Subways; Studio guitarist for several indie projects in NYC; Sit-in Drummer for NYC-based band, The Red Comes Up

Influences: Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Radiohead, REM, Jeff Buckley, The Smiths, Squeeze, The Police, The Clash, Tom Waits, Pixies, Pearl Jam, Buddy Holly, The Beach Boys

Other Points of Interest: One of 2 people out of 1000 accepted into the training program for the world famous Blue Man Group in NYC; Is a professional classically trained trumpet player; Prefers Queens over Brooklyn


Say Something

Written By: Nate Walker

That ain't like you/You stumbled on the street
Hands above you/Perchance you waved at me
Starch n tie boy/A jury's escapade
Let it fly, boy/They've taken every word

Say something
Help me work my way through this
Do nothing
Tell me what it's worth to you

Such an issue/You're dreaming in the street
Who convinced you/To leave this up to me
I can choke down/Anything I'm fed
I can gain ground/Even when I'm bored

I shamelessly lied and adored my own design
Ashamed cause I tried to believe I had more time
And look at us now

It's just a run through/We've metered every line
They'll applaud you/Time and time again

Comin Round

Written By: Nate Walker

Last to lie with me wasn't over it
Methodic and more transparent than me
Got to be a reason I got over it
Could be I move at proper speeds
Missed my chance but

It's comin round

Grabbed my rosary
Laid my head upon the table and watched you try to speak
Mired in this chain of events that justify the ends before the means
With self assurance

Read right through it
Hold me to it
Words are only words to me

There are times between these verbal jealousies that shadow all priorities
And all missed chances


EP - 2004 - Nate Walker - Nate Walker

Songs also available on, artist: Nate Walker

Set List

The band's show consists of one or two 45 min. sets that include any/all of the following original titles:

My Brother's House
One Last Turn
Say Something
This Devil Rain
The Days Fly
Family Portrait
Comin Round
The Answer
Comfort Zone
All Smiles
You're So
Caught Between A Fit of Laughter
Perfect Light
Lila's Lullaby
Freak Test and Other Colors