Nathan Hubble

Nathan Hubble


Soul, Rock, Pop. Lenny meets Maroon 5 meets Jason Mraz. Fun, Sexy, Intimate music.


About Nathan Hubble

The sounds of Nathan Hubble will make you weak to your knees or at least light a fire within your heart that’ll keep you warm during the winter months and make the hot weather that much steamier. Pop, blues, soul and acoustica mingle, making for music that feels both classic and fresh. Sweet bluesy guitar sounds as well as acoustic playing serve as perfect partners for the heartfelt, love-minded lyricism for which Hubble is making a name. His music is pure, direct and passionate.

Making Music

Hubble is a regular performer in the Austin area, captivating audiences with his emotional frank music. He creates songs that are simultaneously vulnerable and strong in spirit, welcoming the listener with openness and passing on some of the strength at the same time. His set moves fluidly from acoustic, alluring songs to energetic, bone-deep blues-inspired numbers to intelligent grown-up pop. Hubble is versatile, engaging and real.

Greatest and Lowest

Hubble’s music explores the highs of happiness and the dregs of the lows, as well. Music should reflect life, he believes, and so his songs capture the human condition in a personal way that brings his ideas home to the listeners. "Music has an amazing ability to take me to the greatest — as well as some of the lowest — places and times I have experienced in my life." Music is also for pushing deeper into one’s heart and touching the tender and the tough spots we frequently shy away from. Hubble’s music is an emotional journey and for him and his audience, it’s about visiting familiar feelings and maybe dusting off some of the less-used but no less real emotions we haven’t touched in a while. It’s also a record of his life, a biography in music, if you will. "Music constantly opens new emotions and marks new places my heart has been."

The Artist at Work

Besides his gigging in the Austin area, this Texas-based musician and songwriter frequently ventures out-of-state to take his music further out there to the fans. If he isn’t playing, he’s likely writing or recording. In fact, composing new music is something that sees no end. And as for recording, he’s in the studio right now, working on his sophomore release. An EP is scheduled to hit streets shortly, as well. Hubble is currently working with A&R Select, the world’s leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

"Hubble always seems right at home playing his music, be it swanky blues grooving or touching acoustic numbers." – A&R Select


Talking In Your Sleep

Written By: Nathan Hubble

let me hear those words again
that you said to me
the ones you said when you
were talking in your sleep
well, i heard you call my name
you cried it out loud
ain't no mistaking
what you're dreaming about

i heard you say
i heard you say

one little whisper
might be all i need to hear
so come on baby
and just sing it in my ear
i don't need much of you
but i'll take everything you got
with a little murmer,
yea i heard you say a lot

roll over baby
say it one more time
and prove to me
this whole time i've been right
you know youve gotta love
the way i'm loving you
and if i heard you right
i know you love me too.


Something Beautiful- EP 2004
More Than Life- LP
The Acoustic EP- 2009

Set List

Mostly originals... Usually between 45 minutes and a 2 hour set.

Talking In Your Sleep
All Of You
Crazy For Your Crazy
You Can Keep Your Sunshine
Not Gonna Wait
No One Knows Me
Let Me Sing To You
Come Kiss Me

Some covers...
Use Me- Bill Withers
What's Going On- Marvin Gaye
Sunday Morning- Maroon 5