Nathaniel L Cole

Nathaniel L Cole


spirit lifting and moving ,stiring your soul to a joyful place.


Hi, my name is Nathaniel L. Cole and a I just released a new CD entitled, "God Is Waiting". In celebration of it's debut, I held a release party on June 30, 2007. Also, I have marketed this projected via radio airplay, t-shirts,and especially the internet: . I believe that one of the callings of this CD is to beckon those who have not yet embraced the love and saving grace of Jesus to simply, surrender. I have been blessed to write, musically create, and produce each of these thirteen selections. It is my prayer that this project will minister to individuals right where they are in life.
The passion that I have for God and music was such a driving force that it provoked me to invest in myself! I decided that no longer was I going to sit by the wayside and wait for man to invest in me. So, I took money out of my 401k in order to purchase recording equipment. As I began to gather and create the songs for the project, I realized that I needed a studio.
Well, I turned my daughter's nursery into a recording studio; I owe her bigtime! Then I decided last year to take 3 days off from work and go to my father's church to record. I turned his baptism room into a sound room and his pastorial office into the control room. Talk about maximizing what you have! I was so tired of hearing music in my head while riding the forklift--I had to get it out.

I have seasoned this project in much prayer, and I have lived the songs I sing about. Each of these songs came out of tests and trials, but my testimony is that I love God and He loves me. I want to give Him glory with the gift that He has given to me.


Joybells , Redeemed me , Angels, Open door
God is waiting -remix

Set List

3-5 songs 5 min each 30-35 min set