Nathaniel Wiegner

Nathaniel Wiegner


One time lead singer/songwriter from AdrenalineFlow, now embarks on solo career. Some have named my music "soul rock." Songs written about daily problems in life and situations that arise due to one's own actions or their environment. From love to addictions, this music truly speaks the truth.


Started off playing acoustic and electric guitar in college. Became friends with Ed Rosa. He pitched the idea to form a band. We were called Abstract Blindness. I left college early and kept playing. I had a tragic and life changing experience involving the death of my grandmother. I needed an avenue to express my feelings. I started really writing music and then found out that I could sing. I worked on some songs, met up with Ed, formed a band a played for five years with those guys. Now I have moved on and continue to increase the size of my music library. I hope to get into the business as a song writer.


We had a couple of singles on local Philly radio. Poison, You Would Say and We See Things Differently.

Set List

Basically I just play what I want to every night when I do go out and gig. Never have done many covers. Not my thing really.