Nathan Keck and the Underground Blues Division

Nathan Keck and the Underground Blues Division


If there was one sentence to describe Nathan Keck and the Underground Blues Division, it would probably be "I can't believe I'm seeing this!!!" An intense blues/funk/rock explosion for a new age!


Nathan Keck and the Underground Blues Divison formed in May of 2006 with one purpose: spread the message of music to all generations with a new appeal. Forming in the summer of 2007, the group meshed together very well, immediately creating a sound of their own. Primary influences of the group are Jimi Hendrix, Dada, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wes Jeans, Lance Lopez, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and many others in the format of blues with a heavy funk/rock appeal.


Crazy Avenue

Written By: Nathan Keck

Well I'm walking home down this dark lit road
I just got off work, it's 1AM
I've been told that it's best not to walk this street at night
But I'm tired and I just don't give a damn

I've had you on my mind all night long baby
Couldn't stop thinkin' about you even if I wanted to
Just thinking about the way your body feels against mine
I just wish that this time between us was through

And as I think I just keep on walkin'
Down this lonely road without a view
All this time without you baby
Feels like I'm walking down Crazy Avenue

Goin crazy without you babe

Now it's my own fault that I feel this way
You told me you had to go, I guess I just didn't want to believe
I always thought that you'd never have to leave my side
Ain't it funny how a mind gone crazy can so easily deceive


As the moon peeks from behind it's melancholy shroud
I can see you standing before me I swear
But as those thieving clouds take their place again
I blink, look harder, and there's no one there

(Chorus 2)
And as I cry I just keep on walking
Down this lonely road without a view
Till the winds and father time bring you back to me
I'll just keep on walking
I'll just keep on wearily walking down Crazy Avenue

Goin so crazy without you babe


Written By: Nathan Keck


The Night the Moon Fell

Written By: Nathan Keck

Why all those tears in your eyes?
You've been crying all night long.
Your heart is torn in little pieces
Feels like nothing more can go wrong

That's the way it went down baby
You were broken and all alone
Well he never gave you a reason why he left you on your own

Well you couldn't stand the rain
No one was there to hear your plight
One more pill should kill the pain, baby
The night the moon fell from the sky

No more need for those tears
You won't be crying anymore
No need to put that heart back together
You've made that known for sure

You won't be living in sadness for the rest of your life
'Cuz you took your life away from yourself baby
The night the moon fell from the sky

Diggity Bop

Written By: Nathan Keck

The word out on the streets is that you wanna take me home tonight
Well, now, that's alright with me, baby, cuz you know that I can treat you right
Yes I can...
So whisper in my ear all the things that you want me to hear
You know we can have a good time babe, if you just let go of your fear.
I ain't gonna red flag you baby if you wanna lay it all on the line.

Listen up now...

Diggity bop damn baby come and talk to me
I know you're shy but I won't bite honey
Tinanana na na yeah
You know it seems wrong but it's all so right child.
Bop baby talk to me, I know you're shy but I won't bite honey.
Tinanana na na yeah
You know it seems wrong but let's get down honey

You got me where you want me baby
All the cards are in your hand
What will it take for you to know that you got my love on demand?
So get up from over there, bring your body over here.
It's yours. Do with it what you will.
You don't have to be sincere.
You're still unsure about it girl, but you won't know until you give it a try.

Give it a try baby.
So I'm tellin' ya...



Mirror on the Wall

Written By: Nathan Keck

In a dream, oh yea,
I was starin in a mirror.
One candle, a burning pinpoint in the night.
I was searching for an answer, and a simple explanation,
why this thing called you and me just didn't feel right.

So I asked that mirror,

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
When did this darkness fall?
Why did it take so long to realize,
that she's the devil in disguise?

From the first time that I saw her face,
I thought love had come into my place.
But there was evil in her fingertips,
and, ooh, the way she'd shake them hips...yeah!


(chorus x 2)


Debut album: Crazy Avenue (PA, SR Copyright 2006, 2007 respectively)
- 9 song LP featuring all original material
- song "Attitude" has been featured on local radio
stations including 104.7 and 93.9 and in Central
Arkansas on 101.9

The band is currently in-studio working on a follow up to Crazy Avenue.

Set List

Set 1
Dig Up the Roots - Nathan Keck
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - J. Hendrix
Every Time I Turn Around - Lance Lopez
Look to the Sky - Nathan Keck
Shaky Ground - D. McClinton
Route 66 - B. Troup
5 Long Years - B.B. King
oPAYS - Nathan Keck

Set 2
Superstition - S. Wonder
Diggity Bop - Nathan Keck
Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You - unknown
Foxy Lady - J. Hendrix
Crosscut Saw - Albert King
Bridge of Sighs - R. Trower
Guitar Jam in E - none
Mirror on the Wall - Nathan Keck

Set 3
Hard to Be - Vaughan Bros.
Crazy Avenue - Nathan Keck
Hey Joe - J. Hendrix
La Grange - ZZ Top
Jump, Jive, and Wail - B. Setzer Orchestra
Pride and Joy - S. R. Vaughan
Wishing - Nathan Keck
Little Wing - J. Hendrix

Set 4
Roadhouse Blues - J. Morrison
The Night the Moon Fell - Nathan Keck
The Sky is Crying - E. James
All Your Lovin' (I Miss Loving) - Otis Rush
Long Way Down - Nathan Keck
Texas Flood - S. R. Vaughan
A Song for Someone - Nathan Keck
Hey Joe - J. Hendrix