Nathan McEuen & Scott Gates

Nathan McEuen & Scott Gates


Nathan McEuen, Scott Gates are taking the acoustic world by storm, touring the country this year. Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals are blended, originals and covers are unique. Chuck Hailes on bass, brings an amazing new perspective on driving the sound.


Each of the core members, having been raised in the world of acoustic music, bring their own unique sound via each path the individual musicians took to reach one another. Nathan, born into music, had a plethora of influences around him all his life. From bluegrass to folk; Americana to rock and all things in between. Nathan's vocal presentations of original and meaningful covers are personal and unique. Scott attributes his sound to having studied under several masters of the mandolin, listening to all genre of music, and gleaning the best from every opportunity. Scott sounds like Scott. Chuck Hailes, bass, interprets each tune with the drive and musicality it deserves. ElaineGregston, accordian, joins the band whenever it is possible. She melodically supports the band and keeps the band smiling!


Nathan McEuen: Festival (LP), Grand Design (LP); Scott Gates: Legacy (LP), Festival Kids (LP) Listen at and Search

Set List

Typical set list includes a well balanced mis of original and cover songs, some with vocals and some instrumentals only.