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Nathan Morgan
By Melanie Harris
May 2009

Baseball and wrestling were Nathan Morgan's first loves until he saw Stevie Ray Vaughn playing guitar on TV. When Morgan was nine he put down his baseball glove and picked up a guitar. His parents bought him a guitar and six months of lessons at a local music store. Over time he learned basic cords, but he grew bored with the lessons. After the lessons expired, he started putting on records and picking out songs note by note. Morgan says, “I loved to play and wanted to learn more about how to play. Picking it out is how I've learned. I've gotten to the point now where I'm confident enough listening to a song and knowing what the guitar player is doing and how he is doing it.”
After years of intense and dedicated practice, his music flows from his soul through the strings. It's easy to get lost in the moment while he's playing. His passion is palpable. Out of pure necessity he began singing when he was 17. During a gig the lead singer of the band he was in lost his voice. Morgan was the only other member of the band that could carry a tune. He sang the entire night, and everyone loved him. He has been singing ever since.
In May, Morgan will begin recording a new CD entitled Burning Road. The CD is entirely original work. His favorite song on the CD is “Man on the Corner.” Morgan explains the inspiration for the song, “I was coming out of Blind Willie's one night after playing a show, and there was this guy sitting on a step stool on the street corner and playing a song. He kept playing it over and over, playing it on a slide. I drew an influence from that night. My song is kind of like that tune, but it swings a bit more. It's a real rockin' tune and it's coming together real nicely.” Also in May, Morgan will graduate from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's degree in History. In the fall, he's off to graduate school to complete his Master's degree, which will also be in History. “My backup career plan is to be a history teacher if I don't sell a million records by the age of 25,” he says, smiling.
About a year ago, Nathan played a gig at Blind Willie's, and to his surprise Big Bill Morganfield came up to him after the show and said, “You know kid you have a lot of talent. I've seen a lot of white kids play the blues, but you really got something.” At 22 years old Morgan can already play like he's been playing for decades. About Big Bill Morganfield's unexpected compliment, Morgan admits, “His words really influenced me, coming from someone who plays the national circuit and notices something about me and my music.” One thing is certain: Morgan continues to touch many hearts and inspire others through his music.

Band Members
Michael Bradford-Guitar, Harmonica
(Northside & Southside)
David Daugherty-Drums (Southside)
John Danielson-Bass (Southside)
Greg Smith~Drums (Northside)
Mark Wilson-Bass (Northside)

Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Johnny Winter,
Eric Clapton,
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Who Nathan would
like to speak with
Alex Cooley
Nathan believes, “He probably is
the best promoter of the
past 50 years”

Favorite places to play
Wishing Well~Stockbridge
Blind Willie’s~Atlanta

- Melanie Harris ... NTune Georgia



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Debut Album
March 2010

Nathan Morgan Band Bio

For Booking Information
Contact Nathan: 770-366-5610 or

Nathan Morgan ( Guitar and Vocals)

Nathan Morgan began playing guitar at the age of 11 after receiving his first acoustic guitar for Christmas one year. Nathan was then immediately put to work at guitar lessons learning the basics of the instrument he would come to love. Nathan stumbled upon his father’s vinyl collection of old CCR, Lynryd Skynyrd, and ZZ Top records at about 13 and was immediately hypnotized by the sounds he heard. Nathan soon found himself staying up hours at a time to learn every Lynyrd Skynyrd song he could by picking it out, note by note. By age 15, Nathan was already playing in local clubs and bars that thrived upon the Southern Rock sound. It was then at age 16 that Nathan stumbled across a biography on Stevie Ray Vaughan being broadcast on VH1. This was the moment that Nathan credits as his first look at the blues. From that day until now, Nathan has continued to develop his playing style in the form of his heroes, including Stevie Ray, Johnny Winter, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, and Freddie King. Nathan has stated where the passion in his playing comes from; “The bulk of my playing style is derived from that classic Texas blues sound from guys like Stevie, Johny Winter, and Freddie King, and I also always try to include a riff or two from the Skynyrd boys in there as well.

Its just all about emotion and feeling, no matter what the tempo of the song is.” Nathan has plenty of the right equipment to help him express his signature sound. His guitars include a 2001 American Fender Stratocaster, a 2003 American Telecaster Deluxe, a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway, and his 2006 Gold Tone Resonator. As for amps, Nathan prefers Fender Tube amps above everything. Nathan uses for smaller club gigs an upgraded version of a Fender Blues Jr. 15 watt tube amp. For larger venues, Nathan has recently swapped over to Marshall celestion speaker cabinets powered by a 100 Watt 1969 Sunn Sceptre tube head. He is constantly on the lookout for vintage guitars and equipment and has accumulated quite a collection over the years of his 10 year musical journey.

Being only a 22 year old kid from the small town of Rex, Georgia, Nathan has made quite an impression on his local musical community, an impression that he hopes to expand across the map.

Mark Wilson (Bass and Vocals)

At the age of 12, Mark’s older brother handed him a bass and said "you have a gig in 3 days."
He hasn’t stopped since. Over 10 years later, Mark Wilson is a low-end force to be reckoned with in the Atlanta music scene. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Charlie Wooten, Sean O’Rourke, Barry Richman, and Andrew Black to name a few.
The list continues to grow.

He sports an interesting collection of basses ranging from 4 to 7 string models, playing each with equal ferocity. Mark is currently working with the Nathan Morgan Band, along with his brother’s side project, the Elizabeth Reed Ensemble. The ensemble is a recreation of the Allman Brothers Band’s best live performances. Mark’s influences include Berry Oakley, Victor Wooten, Allen Woody, Sting, Marcus Miller, Stu Hamm, and Charlie Christian.

Mark's phenomenal stage presence and impeccable bass guitar licks is the bottom end driving force for the Nathan Morgan band.