Nathan Morris

Nathan Morris


Fusing ambience and electric pop/rock with contemplative, multi-emotional lyrics, Nathan encourages, giving hope and love a shot even when it's tough and hurts a little.


It’s in the eyes, voice, and touch. Truth is something that cannot be forged as it can only exist in a state of vulnerability and passion. The truth can hurt when it exposes us to loss, rejection and pain. However, truth is also beauty because it is an absolute certainty in someone’s spirit - a glimpse inside the heart. Nathan Morris makes apparent both the hurt and the beauty truth has to offer in his honest music, drawing directly from the personal life experiences that have shaped him into the man he is today.

Nathan Morris’s charisma and enthusiasm for all that life has to offer is truly contagious. This fun loving, 22 year old believes in his listeners as much as he believes in himself. Born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, Nathan jokes that he got his start in music in elementary school when his music teacher, in a desperate attempt to keep him still and quiet, promised him a solo at the end of each class as a reward for good behavior. Ever since, Nathan has found comfort in music and has been well-behaved (for the most part). In 2005 Nathan teamed up with producer Brent Lain to create his debut EP "Leaving Duraleigh," which was nominated for "Independent Release of the Year" (2006) by The excitement continued in 2007 when Nathan joined forces with Nathan Walters, former member of the Atlantic Recording Group Plus One, to record his first full length album, "A Gentleman’s Closure."

Released to a public who embraced both Nathan and his music, this debut soon found itself in high demand. It is rare to find an album on which every track contains life, meaning, and energy. "A Gentleman’s Closure" irrefutably accomplishes this as Nathan looks deep inside himself when he composes. He explains, "I write when I’m busted up a bit, when things are tough, when I need to reflect." Such reflection is evident in songs like I’d Like You To Meet My Father, Timmy Went Swimming, and Broken But Breathing. These songs capture difficult experiences in Nathan’s life with amazing honesty. He believes that everyday is a blessing as he forces us to ask ourselves what we are going to do with the time we are given. "It’s about love," he says, "letting others know they are important and that they have something wonderful to offer in this beautiful thing called life." His deeply rooted faith also plays a role throughout the album and is most clear in the song Listening For A Whisper. While his lyrics are thought provoking and even heartbreaking at times, the accompanying music is fresh, new, and innovative. It is an exciting combination that comes together to create a memorable musical journey.


2003-Say Something EP
2006- Leaving Duraliegh
2007- A Gentleman's Closure

Set List

Mending Fences
Listening for a Whisper
Hear Me Now, Waiting
I'd Like You to Meet My Father
Somebody Lovin'
Close Like Me
Timmy Went Swimming
Leaving the Ground
Broken but Breathing
Talking to a Broom
We Could
A Fire Burns
45-1 hour set.