Nathan Stiteler

Nathan Stiteler


Music that cannot be placed in a box. Lyrically and musically capturing as if it were a movie soundtrack. It is music that is raw and honest, yet at times beautifully and powerfully orchestrated.


I've always been a fan of music that is honestly written.
Desper Hollow Drive seems to capture life in an honest form. Life is often viewed as a journey only to conclude in the ultimate reality: death. Desper Hollow Drive strives to comment on this "journey" along with its many hardships. In the record, there are cases of insomnia, failed attempts, storms, dissatisfaction, separation, and death. Since death is the "ultimate reality," it is the conclusion of the record, yet Desper Hollow allows room for the foundation of redemption.

Nathan's live shows provide a concoction of energy and peace. At times the music is loud, yet at other times it is calm and soothing.

No matter what the gig is, Nathan strives to keep writing and performing honest songs.


Sleeping Pills...

Written By: Nathan Stiteler

Your eyelids form a canyon
When they're wide open
With a lightbulb flash
From your camera lens eyeballs
To the images in your head

You will dream the same dreams
In the same bed with the same sheets
Still your camera lens eyeballs are opened up

As fish in the ocean, your dreams are in motion
From your eyeball camera to your head
Your rapid eye movement, fluctuating to the rhythm
Of the heartbeat recurring in your chest

Your stomach is aching and now you're awakening
Drenched in sweat from the nightmare you thought was real life

You were in your bed the whole time
Disappointed you go to sleep with your covers pulled over your head

Different from the world outside your bedroom
For here you can dream whatever you want to
Sleeping aid through pill intake
Will leave you in a daze and coming back for more

You're broken and soaking at three in the morning
Due to unresolved questions in your head
The bones in your closet that you had forgotten until this morning
Are making their way to your bed

Far Away Island Unknown (Album Version)

Written By: Nathan Stiteler

I buried my treasure where the ocean meets the shore
Wash away they did only to be seen no more
Oh, where are my priceless belongings?

I just decided to stow them away
Maybe to dig up again someday
But look what I've become

So how long must I try
When treasure is never nigh

I sailed across this deep ocean blue
My swift sails, they cut right through The wind that has been hauting me

I became acquainted with the great seven seas
They hated me unfortunately
They swallowed my crew and my watchmen

So how long must I try
When treasure is never nigh
I think nothing but the question why
Why my heart is on the bottom of the ocean

Killers Of The Kites

Written By: Nathan Stiteler

If we were kites, we'd fly away.
But we'd be tied down, so we'd have to stay
Just like this tongue-tied fool that I've become
Words get me glued, I can't come undone

I'll wait until I'm a little awake
To greet you in your mourning
Until then, I will just fall on my face
A quiver in my pace,
To extinguish my stride.

This thickening air makes it hard to breathe,
And this fog, my dear, makes it hard to see you

Do not fret at all.
We will fly away so far,
When we cut off
Our strings and go
Past the sunset,
Remains our home.

Separate Homes

Written By: Nathan Stiteler

From our established sides, we've developed
A lack of appreciation for each other
If we were countries we'd be at war,
Throwing taunts from our own separate shores
To our rivals on the other end

Conversations of sticks and stones,
And now we're confined to our own separate homes.
We've beat ourselves up to black and blue.
So long, farewell to hope

Maybe your just jealous or I'm just a fool
Or we're both in love with this self-centered school
That teaches us to hate instead of to love.
There are only cons that I can think in my brain
While the pros meander on, undetected and unnamed
In the distance, out of sight.

Do not sing your songs of punishment.
Hate is blind, and war is its compliment.
Let us calm our nerves of foolishness
And shake the hands of those who bring us death.


The Apple Tree E.P. (D'Artagnan)
Desper Hollow Drive

Set List

The set list varies from time to time. I try to offer something different every show. Generally, the shows are pretty mellow. Occasionally, I will throw in a cover, but usually nothing that was written in the past 10 years. Sometimes sets can involve a full band, while other times, I will simply play a set with my acoustic guitar.

Songs that I play live:
Sleeping Pills, Far Away Island Unknown, Curiosity, I'll Be Fine Through The Thunderstorm, The Eclipse That Ruined The Country, Sea Foam Green, Arachnophobia, Separate Homes, Killers of The Kites, Cosima, Fire Fire Liar Liar, Prescription, Apple Tree.

Generally, I will do about a 45- 1hr set but can always do more or less.