nathan tanner

nathan tanner

 Troy, Tennessee, USA


It's just me, no band. I am only a songwriter now. I do some writers night things and travel to Nashville as often as I can. will post next show dates and time.


She Thought Wrong

Written By: nathan tanner

Her eyes were swollen and red , as she wiped away those mascara tears , there were some harsh words said, they hadn't fought like that in years, she told him tonight you sleep on the couch, I just need to clear my head, a little time to figure things out , then she laid down alone in their bed , ( chorus ) she thought she had time , she thought it wouldn't take long , she thought it would be alright come tomorrow , but man she thought wrong , she woke up early that Sunday went and put the coffee on , poured a cup and sat down by the fireplace that's when she noticed he was gone , ( repeat chorus) (bridge) he had that look of peace on his face, as she reached across him for the phone , but she'll never let herself get over how he spent his last night with her alone , ( repeat chorus ) her eyes were swollen and red

Bobby's Lil Sister

Written By: Nathan Tanner

I ran into her down at the dollar store, she wasn't the same way I remember her from before, the lil girl I knew from back then was all grown up, she had everything in all the right places she sure was tough, she had kind of an untame look in her eye, that even those cheap sunglasses couldn't hide, her legs were tan and her hair was long and black , she had a cute lil tattoo down at the small of her back,(chorus) well let me tell you mister bout Bobby's lil sister and what she grew up to be , no I ain't joking she's really smoking , what you'd see in a magazine , there wasn't no stopping once I started watching her walk up next to me, so let me tell you mister bout Bobby's lil sister and what she grew up to be, when she walked up i got a big lump in my throat , wandered what I'd say if she even spoke , she sayed I think I remember you from way back when and I thank that you were one of my brothers friends ,(repeat chorus) (bridge) well my heart was beating faster when I finally asked her if she'd like to get a bite to eat, she said pick me up at 8 don't be late cause I won't wait if you know what I mean (repeat chorus)