Everyone who’s seen or heard Nation agrees this group is unique. What’s more, it can’t be stereotyped: they don’t play oldies or grunge rock or metal. Nation does serve up a heady brew of something quickly becoming known as “heavy melody”--strong driving backbeats mixed with powerful melodic hooks. At one time, one reviewer praised the band’s “clean, tight sound... original image... and overall statement of no gimmicks” (The Angle).
The band has compiled a truly impressive track record. Their accomplishments range from charting singles from their debut CD, "Written In Stone" on radio stations as far away as Minnesota and Kansas to securing numerous opening slots for major recording artists, which included several shows on the eastern leg of Badfinger’s recent summer tour. Nation also seems to turn heads in just about every competition they have ever been involved in- logging a first place finish over 22 other bands in a tri-state area "shoot-out" and most recently having one of their latest tracks, “My Dinosaur” included on the compilation CD of Finalists from The Long Island Music Festival. In addition, Nation was invited to appear in an outdoor concert in New York City’s Union Square Park that commemorated the Tiannanmen Square massacre in China, as well as appearing in several other area benefit shows.
The boys have just recently returned from a short stint on the road, which included a performance to over 6,000 people at the NEXT FEST in Nashville Tennessee. The band is now getting ready to release "Moment Of Zen", a 4-song teaser to be followed by a full-length album in July. With their live show finely tuned and ever-evolving new material, Nation is now poised to take their "Heavy Melody" to the world beyond the local scene. Keep an ear out!
Good Times probably summed up Nation best when it said, “if you’re looking for a cool night out with an up-and-coming band, this is it.”


Written In Stone
Moment Of Zen