N.A.G.A.-National Ass Groovin Association-

N.A.G.A.-National Ass Groovin Association-


N.A.G.A. is a comedic power groove, an astounding assortment of aspirations astrologically assembled as a psychedelic trio. From crazily assaulting to soothingly assuaging, it is a dynamic blend of funk, rock, and adrenaline.


Here at the National Ass Groovin' Association a.k.a. the NAGA we create music. We talk about what we know and play like its gonna be our last time, each time. Its high-energy, face jeopardizing and pulse pounding.
Los (a.k.a. the Beast) has a natural talent with the drums, providing the epicenter of the NAGA's fury. He beats the beats like the beast unleashed, while singing in tune lead or backup. Billy Cobham meets John Bohnam meets Tommy Lee.
Vinnie (a.k.a. el pavo) provides the color on the audio canvas. Jeopardizing faces on lead guitar, laying back holding the groove down rhythmically, Sensitively stroking the keys or looping and sampling, he has a style all his own.
Montel is the nerve system, holding down the low end, connecting the beat with tone and space. 5-string funk madness.
Influenced by Miles Davis and John Coltrane to Metallica and Dave Mustane, James Brown, Funkadelic, Frank Zappa, Primus, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Motley Crue, Willie Nelson, Ween among others.
We have over 50 originals at the moment, 14 of which are on our new self-titled CD: N.A.G.A.(the National Ass Groovin' Association). Based out of Minneapolis, MN, we've been taking the stage to groove them asses for five years now (three with Montel). It is face-melting pulse-pounding eccentric and astounding. NAGA has grown into a mature monster and has been released. Now we're finding our way towards a venue near you!


2009 N.A.G.A. "National Ass Groovin' Association"
available now! Sneak peaks right here!!!

"Instant Bootay","Suspended"
"Things", "Tourettesasaurus-Rex" among other gems from recent Live performances.
Available for veiwing @ www.nassgass.com or www.myspace.com/nagaband

Set List

No set is ever the same, we are always metamorphosizing our current ideas with the old and the new. We can play for four hours or twenty minutes, whatever is needed. We have over 50 originals but we do covers for them asses also including:
-The Beatles- Golden Slumbers, You Never Give Me Your Money,She Came in through the Bathroom Window, Something, Carry that weight
-Pink Floyd- Fearless,Time, Brain Damage, Nobody Home, Pigs on the Wing
-TV/Video game themes- Barney Miller, Benny Hill, Fat Albert, Cheers, Incredible Hulk, Zelda, Taxi, Dukes of Hazzard, Up in Smoke
-Metallica- Master of Puppets
-Primus- Damn Blue-Collar Tweekers
-Zappa- I Have Been in you
-Megadeth- Peace sells, but who's buying
-Miles Davis- On the Corner
-Funkadelic-Standin on the Verge
-Pantera- Domination
Jack Teagarden & Louis Armstrong-Do you Know What it Means...