National Beekeepers Society

National Beekeepers Society


National Beekeepers Society is a four piece indie rock outfit from Madison, Wisconsin. Our lyrics are smart, quirky and refreshing, and our music is stripped-down, raw and engaging. We perform regularly throughout the midwest.


NBS was formed in May of 2005. Our music is a darkly fun rock style that incorporates aspects of bands such as Spoon, Thee Headcoats and Pavement, along with a 1960's rock and roll feel similar to that of the Kinks. On our self-titled first release, we unleash a taut, aggressive set of tracks that have been described as a primitive, raw sound rarely encountered in today's music. Our follow up is a breath of exhaust from a 4 stroke mustang-segway hybrid!


Self-titled debut released December 2006.
"Pawn Shop Etiquette" released September 2008.

Featured artist on the Radar Report on XM satellite Radio.

Songs featured on FM radio throughout the midwest, including: KVSC, WORT, WSUM, WMSE, WWSP, WSUW, WLFM and more.

Set List

45-60 minutes. No covers.