National Divide

National Divide

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Arcade Fire plays the Burt Bacharach songbook on Willie's back porch.


After having their debut EP reach "Top 10" on Canadian campus and community radio charts, garnering rave reviews across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and becoming a first-call act in country bars and saloons across Western Canada, Edmonton alt-country favourites The Plain Dealers ended an amazing run. With two members leaving due to family and career decisions, the three remaining original members, Gene Klenke, Jordan Slator and Brent Beaudry, together with new addition Tyler Wagner, decided to move ahead and twist their traditional Americana sound into a totally new direction.

Now known as National Divide, the band has all new songs and a new sound that’s hard to pin down. “We definitely still have that dusty, whiskey-soaked undertone” says Beaudry, “But with the addition of rock guitars, analog synths, electric piano, handclaps, xylophones and other oddball sounds, nobody would ever mistake us for being a country band. Not in the traditional sense, anyway.”

The new sound wasn’t exactly planned. Nor was it an accident, though. “When we started writing, we decided to throw out all preconceptions of what we should sound like. We weren’t aiming for any genre. We just wrote what we thought sounded good.” says Wagner, “We ended up with a mixture of styles that, above all, is just fun to play and to listen to. And that should be the point.”

National Divide are Gene Klenke, Jordan Slator, Tyler Wagner and Brent Beaudry.



Written By: National Divide

Hey where you going?
You misunderstood

Hey where you going?
You misunderstood

Hold it a second
Let's just think this through

Hey where you going?
You misunderstood

I can't talk to you

Thoughtless thoughts that
shouldn't have left my head

Thoughtless thoughts that
wouldn't have left my head…

if I could talk to you

maybe you're right, you know
maybe there's nothing left

And if all of the fight is gone
Nothing left to be said

Just come back...


"Misunderstood" (single)
"Misunderstood" (video)
"Think You Better Know" / "Hard Money" (single)

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Set List

Think You Better Know
Hard Money
The New Place
Demise of Our Favourite Couple
Lose the Gun
Camera's Rolling
Trust Me Baby
Revelator (Gillian Welch Cover)
I See Monsters (Ryan Adams Cover)