National Ghost

National Ghost

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Ghost Story: Brought together by a maniac and held together by a groove: They are the bastard sons of a thousand madmen. They are National Ghost.


H i s t o r y
National Ghost was formed in 2006, comprised of members from various prominent Detroit acts. The idea was to throw these musicians in a room, most of whom had never met each other, and see what came out. Within a few months the line up solidified and National Ghost was born.

T h e V i b e
Their music is eclectic and original; rich vocal harmonies rounded out by well-thought arrangements, and top notch instrumentation. Careful and well executed, yet open and boundless at times, the band strives to forge new ground with nods to the elders as well. Each musician brings their unique background and ideas into the fold. They write about everything; conspiratorial reptiles, loving tributes to both heroes and foes, and ice cream. They bring ambitious, unfettered enthusiasm to each song they play as their set smoothly glides from melodic rock to sonic groove and beyond.

T h e B u z z
‘a stew that features exquisite harmonies and excellent songwriting as core ingredients.’
--Metro Times

'With such a provocative sonic presence, National Ghost seems to stand on their own in comparison to others.'
--Detroit Live Magazine

National Ghost’s 2008 self titled debut is impressive on just about every level, from the musicianship, to the compositions, to the individual performances, to the overall production, it is just a beautiful creation.


Ice Cream Head

Written By: Church

I've got an ice cream head
Hurry baby come kiss me or I'm such a mess
I've got an ice cream head
Careful or I'll get it on your summer dress

I've got a cherry eye that greets you 'hi'
When you say 'goodnight' it winks 'bye-bye'
When you don't come around my vanilla crown
Turns upside down and caramel drowns
My candy heart and it falls apart
Like I chewed up my last lollipop

I've got a frozen bed that keeps my head
Together when you're away
But just for the day o come back to stay
Or all I felt begins to melt
As I DT from your sugar smell
All that sweetness just rolls away

Please don't let me fall apart
You're the lips that start my heart
I'm every flavor you can't live without
Grab my cone with both your hands
Make me feel like such a man
Make me taste like Superman

Oliver Reed

Written By: Strachan

I used to dream I was Oliver Reed
A swinging, hip Brit with flare
Bill Sykes with a gin up my sleeve
Pull my party trick out on a dare

A man's man and a ladies man
A girl on one arm and a pint in my other hand
Gerald Crich has gotten into me
I want to be Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed was a streetwise saint
The Errol Flynn of his day
A womanizer and a fearsome drunk
Who never succumbed to his fame

Self destructive with a cockeyed grin
Asked Richard Madley why he had orange skin
Shelly Winters might disagree, but
I want to be Oliver Reed

If I could recommend viewing "Women in Love" with a special friend
Watch in awe while he's on the screen, the best damn musketeer you've seen
And if there's time we'll have a drink he liked the way it helped him think
And if there's time for another one I'll raise a glass to you

Everybody has a dream
Someone they would rather be
Now there's nothing wrong with that
Your secret's safe with me
Everybody dreams
How they want to be seen
I told you who I am
Who do you want to be?

Who are you? (Breakdown x 4)
John Wayne, Al Capone, Bruce Lee, Joey Ramone
James Dean, Cary Grant, Lou Reed, Mel Blanc
Tom Waits, Jacques Cousteau, Johnie Ray, Gordie Howe
Lenny Bruce, Michael Cain, Vincent Price, Ayn Rand

All the greats I've ever known.

King of the Thrill

Written By: Strachan/National Ghost

Crushed underneath the strain
My wrists cut a crimson refrain
The fountainhead is when I began to notice
My foothold slipping away

I used to rely on your dishonest ways
I kept to myself, stayed out of the fray
You have secrets deep within me
I aspire to be your King of the Thrill

And the thunder rolls through the sky
The clouds churn in circles
The divine human spirit denies
Day and night reverses

I used to depend on the weakness of men
I stayed underground till I could rule once again
I have laughed while the mighty have fallen
All so I could be your king

I watch you unfold
Then I spit in your ear
You're easy to mold
When you're driven by fear
You hide underneath your couch and wait
Until I send your aunties out

Fields are covered in red
The thieves come to worship their dead
An army of darkness has bled
And left the righteous scratching their heads

An uneasy feeling inside, I can make up your mind
Your thoughts move in a way you're told you must hide
The gorgeous rage spilling out before you
Why don't you let me be your King of the Thrill?

Eye to the I

Written By: Jamie Church

You look alright, you put up quite a fight
You look alright this time as I watch
Your eyes look just like mine
A fearless smile took awhile to cry
But in the night the smallest light will shine
And heat the seeds of April's tide
So let them blow out on the water
My seventh son, my only daughter
My big excuse, my spinning muse
As grateful as I oughta
From the Eye to the I
In my mirror's smile


In 2007 National Ghost released a 4 song EP.

National Ghost-National Ghost
Midwest Coast Records, November 2008

Set List

Ghost's typical set list is all original rock, with maybe a nod to an influential artist here and there.