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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Chart Attack Review Oct/04"

If there’s one thing that blisteringly cold weather is good for, it’s staying inside. For the members of former Winnipeg bands like Spiral Spectacular, Room237, Locust Bean Gum and the still-functioning Ham, staying inside led to National Monument’s tight sound. The band make the most of their guitars, creating wildly innovative and constantly developing riffs that refuse to remain locked into any sort of standard, recognizable progression. Unfortunately, with such dynamic instrumentation, the tired sounding, shuffling indie vocal delivery tends to make the disc’s six tracks meld together. - David Missio

"Uptown Review, Winnipeg, Canada Oct/04"

This five song ep immediately brings to mind the jangly, angular sounds of early Pink Floyd or The Beatles. Jim D. handles bass while
guitarst J. Hovland and Alex Janusz
and drummer Kelly Castle all contribute vocals to the mix, creating layers of dreamy, psychedelic instrumentation. Theres an indy rock edge here too,
as is readily apparent during the
bridge of "Slippery Slope." The strength of this disc is clearly it's
atmosphere and character. Check out Oscillator(the disc's best track)
for an example of the universe according to National Monument,
then paint a starscape on your VW van.
- Mike Warkentin
- Uptown Magazine

"Stylus Magazine Review, Winnipeg, Canada Dec/04"

National Monument is a wonderful collision between The Catherine Wheel and Tom Petty. The ringing chords, tight harmonies, glorious feeback and noise, psychedelic melodies and layers, and every song as good as the next. Which is the one blemish on this otherwise fantastic album. The songs are somewhat similar and don't distinguish themselves from the others. Not entirely a bad problem to have, especially on a six-song, 22 minute album, as a majority of us only find to listen to when were in the car for 20 minute stretches. Groovy!

-Broose Tulloch- Stylus Magazine,Wpg,MB Dec/04 - Stylus Magazine

"Winnipeg Sun Review Nov/04"

The title of their record label might make you think National Monument have their heads in the clouds. But when they aren't gazing at the heavens, this foursome are staring intently at their shoes. The five tracks on this debut EP traffic in swirly brand of space-rock fuelled by spindly interlaced guitars, lazy pop melodies, sleepy vocals and dreamy grooves that drift along, occasionally erupting into white noise cyclones. If they can stay on course, the skys the limit for these guys. - Darryl Sterdan, Winnipeg Sun Nov/04 - Winnipeg Sun

"Uptown cd review"

Uptown June 30, 2005

This prog-rock quartet is at it's best when it hits on the vaguely
hypnotic vibe created by slow basslines that come in waves and trippy, angular guitars. The track Vegas Nerve is a prime example of this dreamy style.

At other times the band seems to be trying just a little too hard to be out there as on "Geography the Orator."
These guys - J.Hovland, Alex Janusz,
jim.D and Kelly Castle - are gifted enough to make ambitious,
songscapes work, and better editing will come with time and experience.
As it stands now, Are we the only ones... occasionally drifts into
self-indulgence, if only briefly. The overwhelming positive here is that there's a fuzzy, edgeless essence that still bites at just the right times. National Monument hasn't quite decided what direction it wants to go in, but the song Escapade 21 might be a good pointer."

- uptown magazine


National Monument EP - 2004
Are We the Only Ones to be Afraid Of? - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Management contact:

Jim Demos

National Monument

National Monument hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and was formed in November 2002 from the ashes of some great but now defunct Winnipeg bands: Spiral Spectacular, Room 237, Locust Bean Gum - and one existing band Ham.
National Monument spent a good part of their first year writing songs and coming up with visual ideas for their performances. The rest of the next year was spent putting those creative ideas in motion at local pubs, theaters, a few out of town gigs, and anywhere they could show off their talents. Eventually, crowds started to form at their shows and people wanted to take the music home with them.

In 2004 National Monument released their self-titled EP on Saskatoon imprint Teargas Recording Tree. Recorded at Ponchos Are Not For Them Studios in Winnipeg, the album is a shoe-gazing rock and roll takeover. Swirling, fuzzed out guitars and psychedelic pop melodies collide with buzz-saw bass and soulful rhythms. Singles include “Slippery Slope” - a very sweet but distorted pop ditty - and “Oscillator” - an earth shaking rock offering to the gods and a definite critic and crowd pleaser. The EP went on to received national airplay on college radio as well as charting in the country of Spain. Three tours of western Canada followed in support of the EP.

After conquering the west and playing well attended hometown performances, the band went back into the studio in the spring of 2005 to record a full length entitled ”Are We The Only Ones Left To Be Afraid Of?” Recorded at Bedside Studios with producer Len Milne, and released once again on the Teargas Recording Tree, the band explored the more epic side of their writing style. The album tends to wage war against everything that it stands for. At the same time that it cradles it's idols it also smashes them to bits. Highlights include “Geography The Orator” - a haunting mixture of gypsy-esque guitar, retro synth and cinematic melodies - and "Oxford Highway Companion" - a melodic, fusion rock number about their experiences of life. Psychedelic, artish punk rock, pop, dreamy, prog, electronics all have been stated and smacked up-side the head. My Bloody Valentine-meets-Blonde Red Head-meets-the Stooges. After the release, a lengthy tour of the nation followed, creating a lasting buzz through out the country. The album continues to climb the college radio charts across Canada.

The band has toured all over their native country bringing their high energy rock show to every port. The enthusiasm the band shows on stage has landed them notable shows with highly touted indie acts such as the Frog Eyes, the Miniatures, Montreal's the Besnard Lakes and the Horrorpops. Though the individual players have different musical styles and tastes they form together, building a fluid conversation across genres and method. Comparisons to the band have been wide ranging- from Jesus and Mary Chain, Television, My Bloody Valentine, Blonde Red Head, The Stooges, early Pink Floyd, Wilco, Polvo and Sonic Youth. The bands live shows have been met with glowing reviews, and praised as an astounding missing link in the already fertile Winnipeg music scene.