National Parks

National Parks


National Parks tugs at the sleeves of the pop music fan in all of us. Driven by a solid rhythm section and kept afloat by the guitar interplay of both singer/songwriters, the band finds a comfortable space between indie, pop, and rock styles.


National Parks is a Montreal-based pop-rock outfit that rose from the ashes of various other projects in September 2006. The band’s sound mixes the high-energy drive of Weezer, the cheeky adventurousness of the Pixies, and throws in a dash of Sunny Day Real Estate’s emotional urgency for good measure. The boys (and sometimes girls) of National Parks have been busy writing and recording a new batch of songs and will have their first EP released in early July 2007.

While new to the scene, members of National Parks have been playing in different bands in Ottawa and Montreal for over 10 years. Patrick Henein (Guitar/Vocals) and Colin MacDougall (Guitar/Vocals) have been writing and playing together since the tender age of fifteen. The two played with Dan Abrams (Guitar/keys) in Ottawa’s Red Hemsely, which had a good deal of home town success:
• Red Hemsley played countless shows at Ottawa venues including Zaphod Beeblebrox, Barrymores, Club SAW & Café Dekcuf with acts including Recoilers, Kepler & The Soft Disaster
• Red Hemsley’s self-released EP – “In the land of ignorance” received regular air play on Carleton University’s CKCU & Ottawa University’s CHUO
• About the CD, the Ottawa Sun said: “Complex poetic pop, born of a glorious musical cacophony, the songs on In the Land Of Ignorance point to a bright future”
• In a recent segment about the Ottawa music scene, Cokemachineglow’s Conrad Amenta described Red Hemsley in the following way:
"..Hey, you’re telling me that if you were to make a list of bands from your local scene you wouldn’t include one of your all-time favorite local acts.."

National Parks is rounded out by Ted Zeisner (drums), and Max Martin (bass).

The band will spend early 2007 trying to increase the number of gig notches in their proverbial bedpost of rock and will organize their first tour for summer 2007.


"In the Land of Ingnorance" released under Red Hemsley 2004

Set List

The set as it stands right now, we have older songs from the Red Hemsley days and quite a lot of new ones comin atcha very soon.

Roll 'em Out
Hit the Dirt
I Can see what you mean by my disgustingness
Scraped Knee
Sweet Parade
The Photograph
Comin' atcha, right back atcha
Hail the Cab
Sing it madly

we can play from 45min - 90min