Nation Ruckus

Nation Ruckus

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN
BandHip HopAlternative

NR is an alternative hip-hop band from Montreal, Canada. With their funky attitude, raw clever rhymes and hard-hitting grooves, the group has gathered a strong following of partygoers who crave the trio's dynamic performances and ability to bring the house down.


As the music industry was taking a new millennium turn for indie labels and genre-bending acts, the members of Nation Ruckus were already pushing past pre-established hip-hop standards and setting the foundation for their unique multi-level sound.

Nation Ruckus is a Montreal-based hip-hop collective that consists of rapper Milk-E Fresh, multi-instrumentalist/beat-maker Quality and DJ WiM. During live performances, the crew is known to be backed by a rhythm section (drummer & bassist) and some of Montreal's best musicians. With an eclectic style that combines the sound of 80s and 90s rap along with rock, pop and electro influences, the group has built a unique alternative blend of clever rhymes and hard-hitting grooves.

Their unique take on classic beats, with inspirations ranging from Beastie Boys, The Roots, and Outkast, has gathered a strong following of partygoers who enjoy the trio's dynamic performances and ability to bring the house down.

Renowned for their live shows featuring some of Montreal's top musicians, the group has opened for the likes of Ludacris, Down with Webster, Talib Kweli and Big Boi. In addition to winning some of the city's most prominent urban music contests, the members of Nation Ruckus have distinguished themselves with performances at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Canadian Music Fest, and NXNE.

With over 300,000 hits on YouTube and rotation on Much Music, Much Vibe and Musique Plus, the group's momentum is growing fast. The band's first single and music video "Funky Sneakers", an anthem for sneaker heads and street wear fanatics, was an instant online buzz and got showcased on notorious urban music sites such as HipHopCanada, HipHopRuckus, DjBooth and SmokingSection. Their latest singles “Lockdown” and “Against the Wall” were featured heavily on Musique Plus, playing on the TOP5 countdown for several months last year. After over 39 000 votes and 10 #1 spots, the clip was introduced to the countdown’s hall of fame in November 2011. Most recently, the group's third single entitled ''Against the Wall (feat. Sir Jay, Jonathan Emile)'' has been in Musique Plus' TOP5 countdown since its release on June 26th 2012 and was featured heavily on Much Vibe during the summer.

The group's debut album “Boombox Manifesto” was released September 25th 2012. Fans can also download a free album entitled “The Pre-Tape” available online at This free album, released on December 9th 2011, contains 10 original tracks and serves as an introduction to NR’s raw talent, unique sound and diversified influences.

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Boombox Manifesto
At Last EP (2007)

Set List

-30 minutes or 1 hour shows (played with or without live band)

-Original compositions and few hip-hop covers