Native Alien

Native Alien


We are a 5 piece from Dundee and we have been gigging around Dundee and in Scotland over the last year. We have a rock/pop sound based on guitars and are constantly writing new material and improving our list set and stage performance. We have built following locally and trying to propel nationally.


- First Gig August 2007 at Hustlers, Dundee
- Headlined gigs around Dundee end of 07, start of 08
- Won The Dundee Regional Final of the Dundee University battle of the Bands in Jan 08 in front of 430 people
- Played in the Scottish Uni's final at King Tuts in Jan 08
- Recording some tracks at T-pot studios in Feb 08
- Writing a jingle for Tay FM local radio station in Feb 08
-Recorded a new single called Conflicsts
-Booked a number of gigs for the next couple of months trying to promote ourselves nationally

As there is not enough space to fit them all, basically our influences range from traditional rock such as GunsNRoses, PinkFloyd, Oasis, U2 to more modern ones such as My Chemical Romance, Orson, Kasabian, Killers...


We are in the process of completing our EP and the songs from it can be heard on our myspace.xom/nativealienband and
We have also had our songs played on radio tay FM.

Set List

We normally do about 10 songs or more, and they are usually as follows:

Invisible Sun
Dead Skin
Speed Me Up
Loving Thru The Net
Still Love You
Do You Think Im Zero
Dreams Of A Party Lover

Hysteria (cover by Muse)

We do change the order of the songs as we see it fit for different stages and places.