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"Native Fiction"

"There's a certain irrreverence to being uncatagorizable, the songs of Native Fiction draw you in and sound like nothing but the future."

-Doug McBride
Gravity Studios
Chicago, IL - Doug McBride - Gravity Studios

"Chicagoland's Own Native Fiction!"

"You won't find a band in Chicagoland more driven to succeed than Native Fiction. They have a firm grasp on the importance of tireless promotion and they're ever intent on maintaining a high public profile and professional image within the local scene. On stage, the band delivers on the hype with energetic live shows that keep the audiences guessing as the music hops from one genre to the next. And although, these days, it seems everyone's claiming their own brand of "this meets that with a little bit of some ther thing", Native Fiction's technical chops actually demand such variety. Anything predictable would be a waste of the band's first class musicianship."

-Matt Priest
Assistant Talent Buyer
House Call Entertainment, Inc.
Booking Office for Subterranean
Talent Buyer for Beat Kitchen
Chicago, IL - Matt Priest - House Call Entertainment, Inc.

"Native Fiction Experience"

* Appeared as Native Fiction

Chicagoland and Midwest:

*Beat Kitchen
*Cubby Bear - Lincolnshire
*The Chicago Loop
*Nelly's Piper
*North Beach
*Durty Nellies
*The Note
*Double Door
Penny Road Pub
Abby Pub
Cubby Bear - Chicago
The Elbo Room
UIC Pavilion
Heartland Cafe
Underground Wonder Bar
Big Horse Lounge
Chopin Theatre
The Mutiny
Joe's on Weed Street
Fireside Bowl
Getz Theatre
Brisku's Bistro
The Bottom Lounge
Tunnels Of Fun
Record Breakers
Fred Hall Ampitheatre
Bog Theater
Harper College
Congress Hotel
Chicago Hilton
The High Dive - Champaign, IL
Union Hall - Champaign, IL
Lizard's Lounge - Bloomington, IL
North Pier - Bloomington, IL
Daddio's - Bloomington, IL
Kalamazoo College - Michigan
ISU Auditorium
IWU Auditorium

Eastern U.S.:
Quicksilver - Boston, MA
Rocktobefest - Boston, MA
Cafe 111 - Brooklyn, NY
Piano's - Manhattan, NY

Western U.S.:
The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS
The Construct - Denver, CO
Plush - Tucson, AZ
Revolution 626 - L.A., California

Theatro Olympico - Vincenza, Italy
Art Cafe - Vincenza, Italy
D'oro Hotel - Venice Italy
- Venues performed at by members of Native Fiction

"Fictional 'Scenario'"

Native Fiction, "First Case Scenario" (self-released) — Native Fiction has the motivation to take the world by storm, playing like a veritable tempest.

With members hailing from Oak Park, Hoffman Estates, Palatine and Antioch, the group includes Phil Sheaff on guitars, Matt Nelson on keyboards, Graham Czach on bass and Brad Dickert on drums (as well as nonstage band member Matt Nishan, who writes, records and mixes concerts).

With all of its stage members contributing vocals, Native Fiction creates an impressive chorus of primal-sounding music. There is nothing fake about the Fiction lineup. They throw themselves wholeheartedly into playing their wild sound with gusto.

Native Fiction plays romantic rock with epic scope. They're not exactly straight-up rock, nor are they a jam band or prog rockers. They say their influences include Floyd, Zappa and Miles Davis, as well as Ravel and Neil Young, but they don't sound anything like any of those particular artists. They do draw on their roots to create a fitting tribute to what has come before them.

"First Case Scenario" is a little bit of everything, conveyed in dramatic guitars, sweeping melodies and fierce vocals, sometimes pretty, always practiced. And everything Native Fiction does with their music is exactly what they want to do. That kind of mastery is impressive.

Native Fiction plays March 19 at Gator's Bar and Grill, 1715 N. Rand Road, Palatine, and April 1 at the Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont St., Chicago. See

(Readership of the Pioneer Press is nearly 1/2 a million) - Pioneer Press

"First Case Scenario"

This magnificent debut album “First Case Scenario” by Native Fiction has no comparison to any other out there now. A unique style of music that no other holds any precedent over. Amazingly enough these are all young men with talent and wisdom way beyond their years. Their lyrics are hard hitting and strong showing you early on (in) the album that they are serious musicians with something to prove. All of the songs on this album will somehow entrance you, with their flirtatious and hypnotic sounds they pull you in and before you know it, you are under their spell. Their songs also have a political point of view, showing how they see our world and how it effects them. This album is fueled with a burning passion for life, love, and the treatment of human kind. Songs like, “The Oval Office Upper Deck”, “Pinjara” “March of Ides”, “I Call On You”, “Yu’s Dragons”, “Waters Long”, and “Electric Blanket” show this band’s astonishing belief in, the pursuit of equality in life and how sometimes you can’t always have what you want. Their album has also been featured on WIIL (95.1FM) quite a few times. I would check these guys out if I were you, before they become luminary beings, and you cannot get a single ticet because it has all sold out!
For more info on where you can purchase this mystifying album contact
- College of Lake County Chronicle

"Native Fiction"

I recently had the most wonderful opportunity to see a new up and coming local band that is extremely unique. Trust me when I say unique I mean it, this is not your everyday same old rock band. Native Fiction was started by Graham Czach (bass guitar) and Phil Sheaff (guitar). Eventually they found two like minds to share in their vision, Matt Nelson (keyboards), and Brandon Dickert (drums). Thus Native Fiction was born. Their style is a fresh and new approach to alternative rock, which has a blues feel to it at times, but it is not your average sit down and tap your foot to band either. They will have you up on your feet. You won’t even realize you haven’t sat down the entire show. These are creative, inventive, and passionate musicians, and it shows. They never fail to impress. On Saturday November 6th, I had the pleasure to catch the show at The Note in Chicago, for there CD release party (First Case Scenario). I got there early and was fortunate enough to hear their sound check. As the guys prepared for what would be an intense and majestic evening, they seemed to be very confident and together. I was even lucky to walk outside just as they were huddled on the sidewalk before the show, singing acappella to make sure their harmony was perfect. With all the phenomenal range in their voices, their sound weaves seamlessly together. Let me say I was in awe. At 11pm the show started, and right from the beginning, you knew this was a show that would not soon be forgotten. There were people of all ages (21 and up) and races. Just to see the different combination of people brought together was amazing in itself, but to think they were all there for the same reason tells you something about this astonishing band. As the evening went on the guys gave a wonderful finale to their performance by bringing up The Chicago Afrobeat Project to perform with them. This was an extraordinary collaboration, with their feel good blues vibe, it definitely added to the feel of old Chicago, which was already in the air. After Native Fiction was done I had the delight of talking with the guys about what they believe is in store for them. These are very goal driven musicians, who know where they want to go and how they want to do it. We have been yearning for something different that you can have a good time listening to, and I believe we have found that in Native Fiction. They have a lot of energy that you can’t help but notice. By choosing to walk the road less taken, these gentlemen inspire and intrigue all at the same time. Their influences include Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Phish, Faith No More, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Primus, Ravel, and so many more. Ladies trust me it’s worth going even just to stare at these sexy guys. Guys it’s worth it to you as well, because they never disappoint and you can rock out all night. These four talented and knowledgeable musicians bring in a crowd everytime, and I am proud to say it looks like they will for a long time. Overall, if you are looking for something new and exciting, check out Native Fiction. You can catch them Friday November 26th at Gator’s Pub 1715 N. Rand Rd. Palentine, IL. 60074 10pm – 2am $5 cover charge. Call Gator’s Pub for directions and more info at (847) 705-0555. You can also check them out at - College of Lake County Chronicle Nov. 2004


Native Fiction (First Case Scenario) - 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Promoting the spirit of free mind and spurning conformity, the result of their union is an emotional, intense example of thought provoking music. Rich, powerful vocal harmonies blend seamlessly into shifting rhythms and evocative guitar work. The strength of Native Fiction lies in their ability to convey myriad moods, heightening tension and releasing it in dynamic waves that portray their dedication to professional ability. Their lyrics embrace vivid consciousness and the joys and pains that come with it, all injected with a wry sense of humor and a genuine curiosity for the human condition.

The progressive palette of Native Fiction does not paint them into a corner defined by conventional genre. Rather, it frees them to explore sounds both physical and cerebral, rocking furiously with one glance and soaring harmoniously with another. The energy contained in their studio recordings and on stage has lured a variety of local audiences, who are further hooked by their unique melody and thoughtful compositions. They are also starting to receive some radio play online as well as over the radio airwaves.

Choosing to blaze their own path, Native Fiction sounds like no other rock band today. However, for some points of reference, their collective influences include (but are not limited to) Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mr. Bungle, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Phish, the Beatles, Faith No More, Led Zepplin, James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Neil Young, MMW, Hendrix, Primus, Bill Evans, Debussy, Mozart, and many countless others.

Check out the recent editions of the College of Lake County (CLC) newspaper and the Pioneer Press for some more excellent press write-ups on their new album and live performances.

NF recently accepted into the New York International Music Festival (June, Las Vegas)!

Native Fiction's (First Case Scenario) CD is available at Record Breakers (Hoffman Estates, IL), Val's Halla (Oak Park, IL),, and at all Native Fiction shows.

Songs off of Native Fiction's (First Case Scenario) CD have received radio play on these radio stations:
93.1fm WXRT (Chicago, IL)
95.1fm WIIL (Kenosha, WI)
101.1fm WKQX (Q101 - Chicago, IL)
Radio FEDRA (Serbia & Montenegro)
Badresa Radio (Internet)
Fearless Radio (Internet)