Norfolk, Virginia, USA
BandHip Hop

NativeOfVA or just N.O.V. for short is a lead vocalist in an alternative band, while a solo hip-hop artist at core. Purpose is to inspire those who listen and speak the language of music.


NativeOfVA (Born Courtney Hurt) started in 99' while living in Norfolk, VA surrounded by the typical lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and crime. His first songs written were about the neighborhood's he's lived in and events exposed to, not knowing his stories were irrelevant to outsiders of his community. He started writing out lyrics to some of his favorite artists such as Nore, Biggie, Jay-Z, Outkast, and Master P to practice his own writing by replacing those lyrics with his own.

N.O.V. began to freestyle for friends in high school which eventually gave him an identity and exposure to the impact of lyrics. Later, his family moved him from Virginia to Riverdale, GA where he learned more about the recording process from shadowing his uncle, BlackOwned C-Bone of The Dungeon Family (Outkast). In Atlanta, N.O.V. developed himself and his style to what he has evolved to today; a southern, lyrical, emotional style of delivering messages through music.


EHI [Every Haters Inspirator], 2010