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"Local band makes waves with its unique sound"

by Jennie Miller C&G Staff Writer

When the list of bands moving on to the second round of the Emergenza International Music Festival was announced at Alvin’s in Detroit last month, the entire crowd was certain one name in particular would be read.
"And of course, the Natives of the New Dawn," the announcer shouted over the resounding screams and applause from the audience, most of whom had come for the sole purpose of seeing the Natives play — and win.
All six band members basked in their glory, still surprisingly humble after nearly two action-packed years of rising from a basement jam band to one that can easily pack a club with fans and whose songs are regularly heard on local alternative rock radio station, 89X (CIMX-FM 88.7).
"We haven’t stopped making material since we got together," Mann said of the 35 or so original hits the band has churned out.
"We’re pushing the envelope when it comes to genre-bending."

With just one record under their belt, the Natives went back into the studio last week for an intense session to produce three new songs.

They’ll be giving the CDs away to fans at an upcoming gig at the Magic Bag in Ferndale on March 4.

"We’ve learned a lot in the last year-and-a-half," Mann said. "These songs are the best stuff yet. They’re more refined, polished and mature."

The last year for the Natives was one most bands only dream of in a lifetime. They won top band awards at the New York International Music Festival in April; released their first album; and embarked on a 13-city spree across the country as part of Van’s Warped Tour.

A fan was found in Kelly Brown, a radio disc jockey for 89X, and the band found itself sitting in the studio for an on-air interview. Their songs can be heard through the airwaves nearly every Sunday night. Hundreds of live performances have garnered an obsessive fan base that has followed the Natives to venues all over the Midwest.

Thanks to this support of fans at Emergenza’s battle of the bands on Jan. 28, the Natives were the top vote-getters of all bands in Detroit, No. 2 in the country, and No. 30 across the globe. The second-round will take place on April 28 at the Magic Stick in Detroit.

- Woodward Talk

"Artist of the Week"

Natives of the New Dawn
The UpBeat

Of The Daily Oakland Press

Name: Natives of the New Dawn.

Formed: June 2003 in Ferndale.

Sound: Hip-hop flavored rock.

Influences: A Tribe Called Quest, the Funk Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, the Fugees, Arrested Development, the Roots and Medeski, Martin & Wood.

What's in a name?: "There's a new dawn coming in music, I believe," says Ferndale resident Mann. "The average person's CD collection goes from Eminem to Mozart to Led Zeppelin, with everything in-between. There are all these huge ventures that are muddying up the lines between genres, which is a beautiful thing."

So you wanna be a star: Natives of the New Dawn grew out of a rap trio that Mann and Hoenicke were part of. "We got bored with the lack of dynamics we were able to do on stage," Mann explains. "My goal was to start a live hip-hop project à la the Roots or Arrested Development, something that was positive, conscious and had a pop sound to it, that could get on the radio. It's evolved to where it is now; it's not exactly a live hip-hop project, but nobody has compromised their personal influences, but everybody is flexible enough to bend."

Who knew?: Nouhan joined the band as a second drummer and did not start playing keyboards until three days before its first show.

What's next: Mann says that the Natives "are all chomping at the bit to take it to the next level, to open for some national acts, get out of state, do our own tours. We have no problem keeping it grass roots, but we want to get on that national level of touring." The group did that a bit in 2004 when it played two weeks on the Vans Warped Tour.

Hear 'em: Natives of the New Dawn self-released its first album, "The Sunshine Chronicles," in 2004. The group is currently working on material for a new album with producer Jimmy Romeo.
- Oakland Press by Gary Graff

"Sunshine Chronicles Album Review"

Some would call it the evolution of the jam band, but Detroit's Natives are more a unique combination of feel-good rock and soul mixed with hip-hop and a whole lot of funk. The result is an infectious and strikingly familiar album that you'd swear you've heard but is as new as, well, the new dawn.

**** (4 out of 5 stars) - Real Detroit Weekly

"Bliss Album Review"

“What an incredible eclectic compilation of genres. I didn’t think it was possible to combine 70’s funk, white rap, soul, a DJ, and reggae ska sounds. Well, I found it. ‘Natives of the New Dawn’ have mixed all these together, and found a recipe for success. Wow, this shit is cool. Combined together you have probably one the finest collections you could ever listen to. Some of the featured songs on this 13 track CD are “People,” “Your Boy,” and “Next Time.” I can’t really describe each individual song, there is just too much going on. I suggest picking up a copy yourself. I hear the live show is even more amazing. Be sure to catch them at the Warped Tour. Pretty freakin’ Fun. - SD Revolt Magazine

"Press Quotes"

“One of the best unsigned bands in North America”
~Brian Ball, Ernie Ball Music Man

“The next biggest thing to come out of Detroit since Kid Rock.”
~ Pete Ganbarg, Pure Tone Records/A&R Epic Records

"Natives of the New Dawn is a local band, but you can’t tell by their draw. It’s huge. ...It’s as if the Natives enjoy heavy rotation on local radio. ...Their show has become a must-see for fans."
~ Khary Kamani Turner, Metro Times Detroit

“Natives of The New Dawn are artists that you just knew would gain instant popularity.”

“By Far the best band I have seen this year. These guys absolutely blew me away.”
~Kelly Brown - 89x Detroit's New Rock Alternative,The Homeboy Show

“The sextet's songs groove with genuinely funky exuberance, bite with rock 'n roll crunch and soar with Stevie Wonder-like melodicism. It's a bona fide joyride that still maintains the craft and credibility of sterling musicianship.”
~Gary Graff, Associated Press

“These guys blew minds.The Natives played a phenomenal set and basically killed it.”
~Emergenza Webzine

“Their stage show is a sight to behold. ...They have tons of energy they readily share with the audience. ...So much talent and diversity in one band. ...Catch them live, you won't be sorry.”
~Jamrag Magazine

“Every so often a band emerges with an intangible factor that makes you stop what your doing and take notice. Natives of the New Dawn is that band.”
~Axis Magazine

"The evolution of the jam band" ~Real Detrot Weekly

"A conscioulsy driven, Motown Inspired, rock hip hop mash-up"
- Various

"Record Release Party Review"

Each individual in the band seems to represent a different genre of music. Tony Nouhan, has a big voice that can croon out Motown-influneced vocals big time while hammering sweet R & B melodies on keyboard. Vince Mann represents rap and hip hop with machine gun fire staccato vocals. Gary Hoenicke is a turntable wizard, scratching discs so fast the vinyl threatens to melt. Ryan Coomer’s upright bass hails to Jazz. While Joe Fikany’s guitar sears the stage. Adam Bramlages drums tie it all together. This could have been a mess in the hands of a lesser band, but the Natives of the New dawn pull it off with flair. Their stage show is a sight to behold. They have tons of energy they readily share with the audience. Their music is a mix of rock, rap, hip hop, and hits from the 70s. So much talent and diversity in one band. Catch them live, you won’t be sorry. - JamRag - Nov.1, 2004

"Warped Tour Bends to Fit"

Hip hop is no stranger to the Warped Tour: Ice Cube appeared in 1999 and Eminem and D-12 hopped on board in 2001. But something seemed out of whack when Detroit's Natives of the New Dawn took the stage harmonizing and grooving like a hipper version of Smashmouth. The six-piece live rap outfit features a guitar player with a penchant for Eddie Van Halen riffs and a DJ. Its high-voiced piano player, a dead ringer for Jack Black, peddled the band's wares after its 30-minute set, wearing a very tight baby T, with chest hair afflair. Of its out-of-step, upbeat music, the group's rapper Vince Mann would say later, "Even punk rockers like to feel good. It's universal. It's not a genre." - St. Paul Pioneer Press - 7/26/04



Fall 2008:
~National Support Act for FISHBONE

Summer 2008:
Van's Wapred Tour - Ernie Ball Stage
~Gorge Amphitheatre - Seattle, WA
~Columbia Meadows - Portland, OR
~Save Mart Center - Fresno, CA
~Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre - San Diego, CA
~Shoreline Amphitheatre - San Jose, CA
~Sleep Train Amphitheatre - Sacramento, CA
~Home Depot Center - Los Angeles, CA

~Van's Warped Tour 2004 - 2007
~Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands 10 Showcase Finalist -
Key Club, W. Hollywood, CA
~1,300 SOLD OUT - Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI
~1,100 SOLD OUT - Saint Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI
~Taubertal Open Air Festival - Rothenberg, Ger
~Emergenza Battle of the Bands International Finalist
~New York International Music Festival
~Best Pop Band

~Ernie Ball Music Man
~Mesa Boogie

2006 -3 Detroit Music Awards Nominations
~ Outstanding Rock Artist/Group
~ Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording
~ Outstanding Hip Hop DJ

2005 -Emergenza International Battle of the Bands U.S. Finalist - Avalon - Boston, MA
~ Best Lead Guitarist
~ Best Bassist
International Finalist - Taubertal Open Air Festival - Rothenburg, Ger
~ Best Guitar Arrangement
~ Best Vocals
~ Best Live Performance

2005 -10 Detroit Music Awards Nominations
~ Outstanding Live Performance
~ Outstanding Rock Artist/Group
~ Outstanding Rock/Pop Instrumentalist, Guitar
~ Outstanding Rock/Pop Instruemtentalist, Keys
~ Outstanding Rock/Pop Vocalist
~ Outstanding Hip Hop DJ
~ Outstanding Hip Hop MC

2004 -3 Detroit Music Awards Nominations
~ Outstanding Live Performance
~ Outstanding Rock/Artist Group
~ Outstanding Rock/Pop Instrumentalist, Guitar - Various

"Emergenza International Finalists"

"Natives of The New Dawn, fresh in from Detroit Rock City, took the stage next at Avalon. These guys blew minds on Saturday night. The Natives played a phenomenal set and won over the judges, not to mention a lot of loyal fans of the local bands. These guys basically killed it and played well enough to make it to the Taubertal Open Air Festival in Germany this summer." - Emergenza Webzine

"Head Rush"

Natives of the New Dawn
By Keith N. Dusenberry
Jun 14, 2006, 23:30

After being together for only three months, local group Natives of the New Dawn had to hurry recording sessions for their debut album after they got an offer they couldn’t refuse. “The first album was kind of rushed because we got hit with the Warped Tour opportunity out of nowhere and needed an album done and ready to sell while out on the road,” NND MC Vince Mann explained. That was a couple of years ago, and now the jammy hip-hop sextet are about to release a follow-up entitled Need Something. “We took a lot more time with this album,” Mann explained.

Real Detroit: NND have won a number of awards and contests over the years, but the national, mainstream recognition that you (fairly openly) desire has eluded you so far. What are your thoughts on this? Would you change NND for a shot at big time success?
Vince Mann: Our dynamic is why we’ve realized the success we have. We’ve got six cats who love to play the music we play. We’re interested in writing and performing great songs — genre is never a concern in the creative process. We do it ‘cause it is what we love to do and do not believe we need to make a change that would compromise the integrity of our music. We are not trying to fit into a mold, but create our own niche ...

RD: NND cross over between the jam band scene and the hip-hop/funk scene. Tell us about the differences you see between the two. Are you received differently at jam shows vs. shows with more hip-hop heavy bills?
VM: We have the amazing benefit of being able to successfully cross over between jam and hip-hop based on the musicianship of the guys. Jam is not much different than jazz much of the time (a lot of it deals in improv, much like freestyling) and jazz music has had a huge impact on hip-hop over the years, from Guru of Gangstarr to A Tribe Called Quest. So the band’s ability to spread out in a song and improv has given us the opportunity to throw down with pretty much any genre. As we learned playing the Vans Warped Tour, we’ve even got an amazing cross-pollination with the pop punk/punk rock crowd. … With digital music getting so huge and accessible, people are listening to many more styles of music now-a-days. It’s easy to carry with you and easy to share. In the ‘80s, you either listened to rap or rock, but currently everyone listens to a wide variety of music — much to our benefit. We’ve been shown love in both communities and we’re quite grateful for that ...

RD: There seems to be a heavy focus on your live shows — both from the band and from your fans. Did that influence the way you recorded the new album?
VM: The live show is what we love to do. We played our first [show] four days after being together and haven’t stopped since. It’s our belief that live shows are where we learn the most about our songs and ourselves. It’s always the goal to make our next show the best show; otherwise, we’re just standing still. And yes, once we realized our strengths it only made sense to begin to record differently: with an emphasis on capturing that live energy and conveying it in the studio. Everyone really stepped it up and threw down in the studio this time. We are all extremely proud of the new album (Need Something) but we’ve not been standing around patting ourselves on the back, we’ve been banging out new songs and if we had the resources we’d be in the studio recording the next album right now. We are always writing and creating new music … but everything in its own time. | RDW - Real Detroit Weekly


2010 - "Coming Soon"
2008 - Bliss
2006 - Need Something
2005 - Live @ 5th Ave; Music for Old People
2004 - The Sunshine Chronicles



If hip hop soul rock is a genre then these indie natives are its spokesmen...

being together for six, solid and productive years as an independent band, is TRUELY saying something. Touring, performing, songwriting and recording have become a lifestyle to these Detroit natives. they have been on a whirlwind tour through Germany (ask them about it, its a story they would excitedly retell), met the challenge of the Vans Warped Tour, and conquered the Ernie Ball battle of the bands being labeled one of the best unsigned bands in america.

They have proven their metal having toured sucessfully with the legendary Fishbone as well as indie monsters Slightly Stoopid and Pepper. If you've never heard of them or seen them live, then you are one of very few underground music fans in the 48 contiguous states... but fear not, they arent going anywhere... AND they have a new record that will soon become a 5 star album on your itunes.