Michael Natrin

Michael Natrin


Folkish singer/songwriter, electrical engineer, Delaware native, and half of The Honey Badgers.


You wouldn't think that a degree in electrical engineering would help much in the world of songwriting, but in Michael Natrin's case, it certainly hasn't hurt. Since starting to write and perform in late 2010, Natrin has performed over 100 shows throughout Delaware and Pennsylvania. He blends a traditional folk and Americana background with contemporary musical styles and new technology.


Apathy At Its Best

Written By: Michael Natrin

A house is not a home when you're left all alone
I've got too much fight, but not enough plight
I'm runnin' all around , tryin' to hold my ground
Comin' up for air, tryin' to prove I'm not scared

A man should make his mark, not run from the dark
I've got too much bark, and not enough bite
Wastin' all my time, running through all the lines
I don't know how, but one day I'll find

I got soul

I see how things go down, they give you the run around
These unfortunate truths, fall to the ground
Which'll drown us first, the debt or the pride?
Apathy at its best, how long can we hide?

You've captured my mind
But not my heart
Don't call me unkind
I'm just doing my part

You have my head
I've still got heart
By my count
That sets me apart

You know, I got soul


Written By: Michael Natrin

When you feel, like a broken man
Wishing she would be there, holding your hand
But the days not done, there are battles yet to fight
I’m only halfway sure that I was not right

The day dawns bright and sure, not unlike you and I
I once had everything I thought I’d ever need
But the days not done, there are battles to be won
I’m halfway countin’ through the days until I’m gone

Overwhelmed, by these bridges we cannot cross
And the letters I will write addressed to an empty house


"Hidden Away" (Single) - The Honey Badgers, 2012 (Graffiti Radio airplay)
"Booth Bay" - The Honey Badgers, 2011
"A Diner Club Christmas" - Compilation, 2011 (Winner of WSTW Homey Award for Best Collaboration)
"Grow" - Battleshy Youths, 2011 (WSTW airplay)