Natterjack draws on Celtic traditions,
American rock and jazz influences and
world rhythms for its inspiration to create
lush grooves of vocal and instrumental


Natterjack has been surprizing audiences
with their sonic and stylistic cornucopia since
1999. Their sound is rooted in Celtic
traditions with notable rock and jazz
elements. Obvious influences from the
past include Fairport Convention and
The Bothy Band. Like those bands,
Natterjack balances vocal and instrumental
music in enchanting arrangements that
take full advantage of the timbrel
and textural possibilities in the sextet.
But their sound has more jazz harmonies
and rock grooves to give them a signature
American sound.


On the Fly 2000
Hop2it 2003

Set List

A typical set includes songs and sets
of tunes and lasts about 50 minutes. We
draw on traditional repertoire and
original material which we arrange
or, as we say, "jack" together.